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Pet Leash

Pet Leash

Description:  This Pet Leash is easy to make, and is a suitable project for beginners.  As you can see, this dog, Clover, is very pleased with the Macrame leash her best friend Tiph Worley made for her.

The handle is approximately 6 inches in size, and is made using the Buttonhole Clasp technique, which features Larks Head knots.

The length of the strap can be any size.  This is one of my “flexible” Macrame patterns, where you get to choose which type of knot to use for the strap.   

A Pet Collar is listed separately. You can make a matching set if you use the same type of decorative knot for both designs.

To determine the total amount of material you need to purchase, use the chart in Preparation.  Add up the length for both cords.

Supplies Needed:
  • 4mm or 6mm cord material
  • Project Board and pins
  • Swivel Hook
  • Glue
Knots Used:

Cutting Instructions

Choose the finished length you want the Pet Leash to be when it's finished (includes the handle)

Use the chart below to cut the two cords to the proper length. 

After cutting, prepare the ends with glue or tape.  When using Paracord or nylon, melt the ends with a flame, and then apply tape.

Length of Leash
Working Cord
Holding Cord
30 inches
10 yards long
2.5 yards long
40 inches
13 yards long
3 yards long
50 inches
16 yards long
3.5 yards long
60 inches
20 yards long
4 yards long


Buttonhole Clasp Handle


Step 1:  Place the 2 cords in front of you vertically, after matching the centers. Secure them close to the center. 

The long working cord should be on the left.  It will be used to tie the Larks Head knots onto the holding cord.


First Half of Knot  

Step 2:  Make the first half of Vertical Larks Head knot by moving the working cord over - under the holding cord, to make a counter-clockwise loop.

As you pull it left, it passes over a portion of the working cord to form the crossing point.


Second Half of Knot   Tie the second half of the knot by passing the working cord under the holding cord, and then over it.

As you pull it left, it goes under a portion of the working cord to make the crossing point.

Step 3:  Tie several more Vertical Larks Heads, working from the center towards one end.

Stop when the first half of the handle measures 6 inches.

Turn Design Around  

Step 4:  Turn the entire sennit around, and continue tying the knots on the other side of the center. The working cord will be on the right for the second half of the handle.

Stop when the handle for the Pet Leash is a total of 12 inches long.



Step 5: Fold the sennit by bringing the four cords together. Locate the working cords previously used.

Note:  This images shows a much smaller design than what is normally seen in a leash.

Square Knot

Tie a tight Square Knot using the two working cords.


Macrame Cord Divider

The Strap


Step 6: You have 4 cords to work with, since you folded the two in half.

Choose the decorative knot you wish to use for the strap of the Pet Leash, by looking at the photos below.

You can also combine knots to form your own unique designs. Beads can also be added as you progress.

Important:  Make sure you have at least 6 inches of material to attach the hook at the end of the Pet Leash.

Below are a few knots that are the most suitable for this project. Click on the link or image below to go to the page indicated. 


Vertical Larks Head Sennit  

Vertical Larks Head

This sennit matches the design of the handle, and is a great knot to use for the Pet Leash.


Half Hitches with Holding Cords  

Half Hitches with Holding Cords

Tie Alternating Half Hitches with the two working cords onto the other two, which are holding cords.


Square Knot Sennit  

Square Knot

Since you ended the handle with a Square knot, you can just continue on, and make the strap with the same knot.



Other Decorative Knots

Coyote Trail   Oat Spike   River Bar   Interlaced Plaits
Coyote Trail
  Oat Spike
  River Bar
  Interlaced Plaits
Start at Step 1   Start at Step 5   Start at Step 2   Use Woven Plait

Endless Falls
Bush Bar
Blaze Bar
Mystical Chain

Endless Falls

Bush Bar

Blaze Bar

Mystical Chain

Start at Step 3
Start at Step 2
Start at Step 1
Start at Step 3


Macrame Cord Divider

Attaching the Hook

Two Cords Through Loop  

Pass two ends through the loop on the hook.

The other two should pass under the loop.


Tie a Finishing Knot  

Tie a tight Overhand Knot with the four cords. As you tighten it, apply glue. Cut off the extra material when it's dry.

Another finishing option is to move the ends towards the strap and slide them under the back of the knots to hold them in place.


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Have any comments about the Pet Leash? Contact Me.


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