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Pet Collar

Pet Collar

Description:  This Pet Collar is a nice way to adorn your cat, dog, or other animal with something handmade. The design features a buttonhole clasp. A D-Ring can be added if you plan to use a leash.

This is a "flexible" Macrame pattern, where you get to choose the decorative knots used for the overall design.

There is a Pet Leash pattern listed separately, and both can be made using the same type of knot, so they match.

Supplies Needed:
  • 4mm cord material
  • Project Board and pins
  • One small D-Ring (optional)
  • One Shank-style Button (1 inch)
  • Glue

Step 1:  Determine your pet's neck size with a tape measure.  It should be loose, so you can fit your fingers under it easily.  

Cut 1 working cord, 8 times the finished size you came up with. 

Cut 1 holding cord 6 times the finished size.

Prepare the tips of both cords to prevent unraveling as you work on the Pet Collar.



Buttonhole Clasp

Place both cords on your board vertically, so the longest cord is on the left.  Locate the center and secure them at that point.

The Buttonhole Clasp is made starting at the center, moving towards the ends.

First Half of Knot  

Step 2: Make the first half of a Vertical Larks Head knot by moving the working cord over - under the holding cord, to make a counter-clockwise loop.

As you pull it left, pass it over the working cord to form the crossing point.


Second Half of Knot   Tie the second half of the knot by passing the working cord under - over the holding cord.

As you pull it left, pass it under the working cord to make the crossing point.

Tie Additional Knots  

Step 3:  Repeat step 2 several times, until the sennit measures 1.5 inches.


Turn Design Around  

Step 4:  Turn the sennit around and go back to the center. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to make the second half of the clasp.  Make sure it's the same length as the first half.

The working cord will now be on the right, so the loops should be made clockwise.


Bring Ends Together  

Step 5:  Form a circle with the sennit you just made. 

You now have four segments, which you should view as four separate cords.


Tie a Square Knot   Tie a tight Square Knot, using the two working cords.

The other two are the fillers.

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Decorative Knot Options


Step 6: Below are details about several knots suitable for the strap of the Pet Collar. Read through the instructions and choose one decorative knot.

They are all listed in the Learn Macrame section, or you can click on the links and photos below to go to the page indicated.

Start the first knot next to the clasp.  Stop when you have tied enough knots to create half the finished length of the collar. So if you are making a 12-inch collar, stop at 6 inches.



Vertical Larks Head Design


Vertical Larks Head Sennit  

Description:  The vertical Larks Head can be used to make the strap for the Pet Collar.  Since it matches the knots in the loop, it's the best choice.

Here are the instructions:

Use Right Working Cord   Use the working cord on the right. Tie the Vertical Larks Head knot in a clockwise direction, passing it around both holding cords:

First Half: 
Over - under - over

Second Half: 
Under - over - under

Right Cord  

Now use the working cord on the left. Tie the knot rotating counter-clockwise, around both holding cords. 

The over - under pattern is the same as the in the previous step.

Continue on, alternating back and forth between the two working cords, until the collar is half the size you want.


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Alternating Half Hitch Design

  Alternating Half Hitch  

Description:  The Alternating Half Hitch can be used to make the Pet Collar, too.  You need to divide the cords into two sets and alternate between each set.

Use Two Cords on Right  

Tie the first Half Hitch with the two cords on the right. The cords on the left will hold the knot.

This Half Hitch is tied by making a clockwise loop with the working cords  over - under - over as shown.


Use Two Cords on Left  

Use the two cords on the left to make the next Half Hitch, onto those on the right. Rotate counter-clockwise.

Continue on, alternating back and forth between the two sets of working cords, until the Pet Collar is half the size you want.


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Half Hitch Design (with holding cords)

  Half Hitches With Holding Cords  

Description:  Alternating Half Hitches can be tied around holding cords.  This sennit will be wider than the design described previously.

Half Hitch with Right   Use the right working cord to make a Half Hitch onto both holding cords.

This Half Hitch is tied by making a clockwise loop with the working cords over - under - over as shown.

Half Hitch with Left  

Use the left working cord to make the next Half Hitch, onto both holding cords.  Rotate counter-clockwise.

Continue on, alternating back and forth between the right and left working cords.


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Square Knot

  Square Knot Sennit


Description:  The Square knot is a great choice, too.  Make sure you know how to tie this knot before you get started.

Left Cord   The working cords are furthest to the right and left.

For the first half of the knot, move the left working cord to the right, passing over the two cords in the center (fillers).

Right Cord  

Bring the right working cord over the left working cord, under the fillers, and over the left again.

For the second half, repeat these 2 steps.  Start with the working cord on the right, followed by the left.


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Other Decorative Knots

Here are links to other decorative knots suitable for the Pet Collar: 

Start at Step 1
Start at Step 2

Use Woven Plait

Start at Step 3
Coyote Trail
River Bar

Woven Plait

Bush Bar
Coyote Trail
River Bar
Interlaced Plaits
Bush Bar


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Cords 1 and 4 Through Ring  

Step 7: After you have made the first half of the collar,  mentally number the cords 1 - 4

Holding cords (2 and 3) should be under the ring, with the working cords (1 and 4) passing through it.


Working Cords are 2 and 3  

Step 8: The new working cords for the second half of the Pet Collar are cord 2 and 3.

The two that were passed through the ring (1 and 4) will now hold the knots.

Tie the second half using the same decorative knot.



Finishing Touches


Step 9:  Place the collar around the neck of your pet, to make sure it fits properly.  You should be able to slip two fingers under it easily.  Adjust the size as needed.

Pull the working ends through the back of a few knots, and apply glue to hold them in place. Cut off the excess material.

Pass the remaining 2 cords through the shank of the button (or the hole in a bead), in opposite directions

Pull on the cords until the button rests near the last knots tied in the Pet Collar.  Check to make sure the button fits through the clasp at the other end.  Use a different size button if it doesn't fit. 

Tie a very tight finishing knot to secure the button, adding glue as you tighten it. When the glue is dry, cut off the extra material.


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