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Alternating Half Hitch

Alternating Half Hitch

Description: The Alternating Half Hitch is usually tied to form a chain, also called a sennit (or sinnet).

In the example shown here, one cord holds the knot and the other one is used to tie the Half Hitch.  Then you alternate.

In some vintage patterns, the name of this knot is the Chain Stitch. In more modern texts, this design is sometimes called the Zigzag Braid.

This decorative knot can be used to make a simple bracelet or necklace, as well as a handbag handle.  Belts, wind chimes, and other long items can also be made with this knotting technique, too.

The Two Tone Planter is a Macrame project that shows you how this knot is used to make decorative sennits that resemble chains.

Half Hitch Patterns are variations of the Alternating Half Hitch.  Each of the designs on that page feature the use of a separate holding cord. Two working cords are used to tie the knots onto the holding cord, instead of each other. 

Be sure to read that page, especially if you are a beginner.


Step 1: You need two cords (over 10 inches). Secure them to a board or work surface.  I recommend you use two colors when practicing.

The cord 1 (on the left) is the holding cord for the first step.
Half Hitch -- Cord 2  

Use cord 2 to tie a Half Hitch onto cord 1, moving clockwise.

A Half Hitch is tied by moving cord 2 over the holding cord, under it, and over cord 2 on the right.

Keep the end on the right when you are done.


Half Hitch -- Cord 1  

Step 2: For the second Half Hitch, cord 2 will hold the knot and cord 1 will be used to tie it.

It's the same over - under sequence as the first knot, but you rotate the cord counter-clockwise instead.


Alternating Half Hitch   Step 3: Continue to alternate back and forth between the two cords as you tie additional knots to form the rest of the sennit.

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