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Macrame Essentials

    Macrame Essentials    

Macrame Essentials covers a variety of topics you must become familiar with, in order to progress in skill.

Be sure to read through ALL the important topics in this section of Free Macrame Patterns, especially if you are a beginner.

This craft is more than simply tying knots. You need to know how to prepare the cords, choose the right beads, and know which supplies you need for your Macrame project.

Remember, if you make poor choices when choosing materials and supplies, you can end up very disappointed in the way your Macrame project turns out. 

Unfortunately, few craft stores carry Macrame Supplies.  So online shopping is your best choice.  Here are places to search to find the Macrame supplies you need:


Click on the images or links below to go to the pages described:

  Macrame Supplies describes the important items you need before starting any project.  

Go To Macrame Supplies



Go To Macrame Cord


Macrame Cord teaches you the different qualities you need to take into consideration as you choose the materials for your project.

This is the most important page here in Macrame Essentials, so review it thoroughly.



 Cord Measurements will teach you how to determine the length of the cords used in your pattern, the number of cord you need, and the total amount of material for the project. 


Go to Cord Measurements


  Go To Cord Preparation  

Cord Preparation describes several methods for treating the ends to prevent the cords from fraying while you work with them.



Finishing Techniques are methods for securing the cords at the completion of your projects.

From fringe to beads, this is an important page to review as you learn Macrame.

  Owl with Fringe

  Adding Cords  

Adding Cords teaches you the various methods of attaching new cords to those already in use.


  Decorative Fasteners provides you with ideas for making clasps used in jewelry projects, as well as items such as belts and handbags.  

Decorative Fasteners



Go to Macrame Beads


Macrame Beads teaches you about various types of beads, as well as the different shapes.

Beads have always been a popular part of this craft, but some types are not suitable for Macrame. So this page will guide you as you choose the beads for your Macrame project.


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