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Cross Pin Technique

Cross Pin Technique


Description: The Cross Pin Technique is a unique way of securing delicate materials to a project board.

Leather and Satin, for example, are materials used in Macrame jewelry designs, and are easily damaged by pins.

By securing the cords in this manner, you don't have to worry about damaging the fibers. So it's great for materials such as Satin, Silk, Leather and other fine materials.

Click on the images below to see a larger view of the step described.

Make a Loop  

Step 1: You need a piece of scrap cord large enough to make one loop, to practice this technique. I used Satin Cord in this example.

Create the loop so one end crosses over the other.


First Pin Leans Backwards  

Step 2: Place one pin just above the crossed area.

Tilt it so it leans backward (down), heading towards you. Make sure it passes over both segments at the crossing point.

Second Pin Leans Forward  

Step 3: Take a second pin and place it below the crossing point. Tilt it so it's leaning away from you, in the opposite direction of the first pin. The two pins should cross.

The closer the pins are placed to the cord, the tighter the hold will be.



You can use this technique at any place on the loops, not just at the crossing points.

So practice placing it again, placing it on the crook of the loop, which is the rounded portion.

This is also a great way to secure knot designs that have been doubled, so you don't end up with a large number of pins. So practice this technique with more than one cord, too.


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