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 Advanced Macrame

Chinese Butterfly

Advanced Macrame are projects suitable for those with experience, who would like to create more challenging designs than what is listed in the other areas of Free Macrame Patterns. 

Included in this section are elaborate Macrame and Micro-Macrame projects, NOT suitable for beginners.  

You must have plenty of experience with all the basic and vintage decorative knots found in the Learn Macrame section, or these patterns will be confusing to you. 

Before you try these designs, spend time practicing the knots listed on the pattern you wish to make.

Chinese Macrame designs are created by combining various Chinese decorative knots.   They can be very elaborate, so will all be listed here as this area of Free Macrame Patterns develops.  

The Chinese Butterfly listed below is a taste of what it to come.

Cavendoli Macrame designs will eventually be listed here too, along with a page describing the general process.  

These are Macrame designs created entirely with Double Half Hitches, arranged so that color shifts occur. 

Feel Free to PRINT any pattern or instructions you may need. 

Visit the home page for instructions on how to convert to a PDF prior to printing.

This page is Under Construction:  Please be patient for new projects to arrive! 


Owl Pouch

Teardrop Purse

Chinese Butterfly

Picot Purse
Owl Pouch
Teardrop Purse
Chinese Butterfly
Picot Purse

Butterfly Earrings

Butterfly Earrings


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