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Macrame Dictionary

Macrame Dictionary

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This Macrame Dictionary will help you learn the terms and abbreviations used in this ancient craft.

Most people are not familiar with words such as Picot or Sennit, which is why these pages were written.   They describe the special terms that you will see as you read Macrame patterns.

As you use the patterns on this site, you may come across unfamiliar words and abbreviations. Many of them will be listed in this section.

The definitions, information, and images in this dictionary will help you become familiar with the unique terms used in Macrame.

Are you a beginner? Be sure to read through ALL the pages in this section. You will learn Macrame much more quickly if you understand the terms used in patterns.



Click on the links or images (above and below) to go to the other pages in the dictionary.

They will provide more details about the specific words described.

Go to Macrame Terms   In Macrame Terms, you will begin the process of learning unfamiliar words that start with A - E.

Important terms such as bight and core are on this page.


The next page is called Macrame Definitions. It will help you expand your knowledge of the terms used in this craft. 

The words described start with F - M.    Terms like mount and hitch are on this page.

  Macrame Definitions

Important Macrame Terms
   Important Macrame Terms will provide you with more definitions and information about words beginning with N - Z.

Terms like picot and sennit are important, and this page of the Dictionary will give you more details.

 By using any text or images on Free Macrame Patterns, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use

Have any comments about the Macrame Dictionary? Contact Me.

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