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Macrame Dictionary


The Macrame Dictionary contains information about the unique terms and abbreviations used in this ancient craft. 

The definitions, descriptions, and images in both pages of the dictionary will help you understand the unique terminology you will find in the Macrame projects on this site, as well as in Macrame books.

Be sure to read both pages:

For example, most people are not familiar with words like "Picot", or "Bight", which are both described in the Dictionary.

Common terms like "Chain" and "Stitch" are on these pages, too.  They are used differently in Macrame than in other crafts, which is why they are included.

Abbreviations are frequently used to describe specific Macrame knots.  They will be shown next to name of the knot they represent.

Are you a beginner?  Please read both pages of the Dictionary, since you will come across unusual terms that you MUST know in order to make the projects on this site.

Navigation Tips:  Clicking on the images will bring up larger images.   Clicking on the links (blue) will bring you to the pages described in the text.

Feel free to contact me with suggestions for terms that should be added to the dictionary.



A - L

In Macrame Terms you begin the process of learning the definitions of words and abbreviations beginning with the letters A - L.

Important terms like BIGHT and CORE are on this page.


Common terms like CORD MATERIALS and BRAID are also on this page (Macrame Terms).

M - Z

Important Macrame Terms contains definitions and photos for words beginning with the letters M - Z. 

The unique term PICOT is on this page, which are the tiny loops shown in this image (on the left).

M - Z

Common terms like METALLIC and PENDANT are described as well.

Many of the most important terms are on this page, so be sure to read it carefully.


On both pages of the Macrame Dictionary are photos and links to other important areas of this site.

Some of the links lead to the general pages in the Macrame Essentials section.  Others lead to knots and patterns.

By using any text or images on Free Macrame Patterns, you are agreeing to our Terms of Use.


Have any comments about the Macrame Dictionary? Contact Me.