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Knife Knot

Knife Knot

Description: The Knife Knot is also called a Diamond Knot, or a Knife Lanyard.

Sailors used to create this type of decorative knot with rope, to hold their knives, which is where the name came from.

In Macrame, this technique can be used anywhere you need a stable loop, followed by a sturdy round knot.

You can also tie it without a loop, using two cords.

Try starting a plant hanger with one, or use it as part of earring designs.

Figure 8 Shape  

Step 1: Fold one cord in half, securing it to your board at the center.  Use two separate cords, if you don't want a loop at the top.

Make a counter-clockwise loop with the left half, passing under the vertical portion, as you rotate it to the left.   Secure the end.


Pass Under Loop 1   Step 2: Curve the right half so it passes under the loop.

Bring it over the left portion of the cord, above the loop.

Place a pin there, to support the cord for the next step.

Weave Through Loop 1  

Step 3: Still using the right end, bring it under the left end, moving counter-clockwise.

Pass it over - under - over the three segments of the loop, as you bring it back to the right side of the Knife knot.



Tighten the knot slightly, making sure the large loop above it is the size you need.

It's easier to adjust the length of it now rather than when you tighten the knot later on.


Make sure you can identify the diamond shape in the center of the knot.

Design Tip:  The next portion is easier to make if you stand the knot up, so it's resting on the lower edge. 

This way you can clearly define the front versus the back of the knot.

Pass Into the Central Space  

Step 4: Rotate the right end counter-clockwise.

Pass it behind the tightened area, and bring the end through the diamond shape in the center, pulling it to the front.


Tail Passes Into Central Space  

Step 5: Rotate the left end counter-clockwise, heading towards the upper right.

Bring the end through the diamond shape from behind, pulling to the front.


Important:  The two ends should rest next to each other, as shown in the image above.


Step 6: Start to tighten the Knife Knot by making adjustments, and securing the large loop at the top.

Remove the slack in the order the loops were made, forming the knot into a round shape.

The last thing you do is pull on the ends.


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