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Vertical Larks Head

Vertical Larks Head


Description: The Vertical Larks Head knot is a variation of the standard Larks Head. In some vintage Macrame patterns, it is called the Buttonhole Stitch

This decorative knot is often used to form a sennit (chain) that can be used to make clasps in jewelry project, or for decorating an edge of a Macrame design.   See the following pages for more details:

The primary difference between a regular Larks Head knot and this variation is that you tie the knot in two steps.

Any time you use a Larks Head Knot within the body of a pattern, you are likely to tie them in two parts.   A regular Larks Head is used to mount the cords, then you may be asked to tie the vertical variation.

These knots are not always arranged vertically.  You can tie them in horizontal and diagonal rows, and in opposite directions.

Many Macrame patterns require you to tie these knots to cover items such as rings and dowels. Plant Hanger projects frequently require you to do this, so instructions for covering rings is also on this page.


Secure one holding cord to your board. Secure the working cord to the left.

In a Macrame pattern, you will be told which side the working cord is on.

Part 1  

Part 1: Pass the working cord over the holding cord, and then under it. (counter-clockwise)

As you pull it to the left, pass over the working cord.


Part 2  

Part 2: Pass the working cord under the holding cord, and then over it.

As you bring it to the left, pass under the working cord.


Vertical Larks Head   This is the completed Vertical Larks Head knot, after it's tightened.

Macrame Cord Divider
Covering Rings
Covering Rings with the Vertical Larks Head may seem a bit challenging, so here is your chance to practice.

You need one piece of cord material, at least 60 inches long. You will also need one 3-inch ring.
  Folded Portion Under Ring  

Step 1: Fold the cord in half, and place it under the lower portion of the ring. The ends should be at the top.


  Bring Ends Down  

Step 2: Bring both ends over the ring, and down under the folded area of the cord.

This is a standard Larks Head knot, used for mounting.


  First Half of LH  

Step 3: Bring the left end over - under the ring, and over the cord.

This is the first half of the Larks Head knot.


  Second Half of LH  

Step 4: Bring the left end under - over the ring and under the cord.

Both steps = 1 Vertical Larks Head knot.



Repeat steps 3 - 4 with the left end, until the left half of the ring is covered.

Use the right end and do the same, to cover the right half of the ring.

The ends will be next to each other when you are through.  You tie them together to secure them.


Macrame Cord Divider

Direction Changes


Sometimes Macrame patterns will specify whether the knots should face right or left. The next steps show you how to make the knots in both directions.

Start by securing 2 cords to your board, as shown below.  Using two colors will help when practicing.


Right Larks Head

Right Facing

The head of the knot is the vertical segment shown on this image.

When a Macrame pattern asks for a right Larks Head knot, it means the head is on the right.  It also means the working cord is to the right of the holding cord.

First Half  

Place the working cord on the right (2) and the holding cord (1) on the left.

Tie the first half of the knot by making a clockwise loop over - under the holding cord.

As you pull it back to the right, pass over the working cord.


Second Half  

The second half is tied by moving the working cord under - over the holding cord.

As you bring it right, pass under the working cord.


Left Larks Head

Left Facing

For a Left Vertical Larks Head, the working cord is placed to the left of the holding cord.

When the knot is tightened the head will be on the left.

First Half  

The first half of the Vertical Larks Head is tied by passing the working cord (1) over - under the holding cord (2).

So you rotate counter-clockwise.

When you bring the end to the left, pass over the working cord.  


Second Half  

The second half is tied by moving the working cord under - over the holding cord.

Pull it left, passing under the working cord.



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