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Buttonhole Clasp

Buttonhole Clasp

Description: This Buttonhole Clasp features the Vertical Larks Head knot.
A Square Knot is also part of the design shown, but others can be used.

This technique is also described on the page called Jewelry Clasps.   Visit that page to view other types of clasps made with decorative knots.

You can use this design to make bracelet and necklace clasps, using cord materials under 2mm thick.

To make a very nice belt buckle using a large fancy button, all you need is thicker material, to make the clasp design larger.  In the example shown, I used 4mm material, which was suitable for a belt closure.

Step 1: To practice, cut 2 cords, each at least 45 inches long.   In an actual project, the working cord should be cut longer than the holding cord.

Secure both cords to your project board, vertically.  The pins should be in the center of the cords.  You will be working from the center towards the ends.

Secure the holding cord lower down, so it has tension.  The working cord should be on the right

Below are the two steps showing you how to tie a Vertical Larks Head knot:

First Half
<<  Make the first loop by passing the working cord under - over the holding cord.  As you bring it to the right, cross over the working cord. (clockwise)

The second half is made the opposite:  under - over - under.
Second Half

Position the Larks Head knot so it rests against the pins at the center.   Tighten both halves of the knot firmly.


Step 2: Tie 3 or more knots, depending on the size you need (1.5 times button size).

For example: You have a 1/2-inch button, so tie enough knots to measure 1.5 times that size, which is 3/4-inch. 


Turn Around
  Step 3: Turn the first half of the design around, and go back to the center.

Tie the same number of knots for the second half.

You need to rotate counter-clockwise to make the two loops.

Square Knot

Step 4:  Form the Buttonhole Clasp by making a circle with the knots, when you bring the ends together.

Tie a Square knot with the two working cords, around the holding cords.   Tighten it firmly.

On the other end of the item you are making, attach a button, bead, or tie a decorative knot to form the other end of the clasp.

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