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Jewelry Clasps

Jewelry Clasps


Description: There are several ways to make Jewelry Clasps, using buttons, beads, and/or decorative knots. On this page are a few techniques frequently used in Macrame as well as Micro-Macrame designs.

The image above shows a simple loop/button knot closure.  The loop is formed as you begin to tie the knots for the jewelry item.  The button knot is tied in the last step.

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Knot Clasps

Buttonhole Clasp

The Buttonhole Clasp is a vintage design that can be used to form a sturdy loop. It's made with the Vertical Larks Head knot.

A button, bead, or round knot is placed at the other end of the design.  It passes through the opening in the clasp.


Sliding Clasps

Sliding clasps are very popular.  After you make the bracelet, you use a separate piece of material to tie one or more knots around all the ends.

When it's finished, you stretch the bracelet open, fit your hand through, and pull on the ends to close.

Zip Clasp

The Zip Clasp is a very unique type of sliding clasp. 

It's constructed so you only need to pull one end to close the bracelet. 


 Sliding Bead Clasp

A quick and easy way to make jewelry clasps is to use a bead instead of a knot.   A button can also be used in this same manner.

You need a bead with a hole large enough for all the cords to pass through (from both ends).

For jewelry designs where several cords are used, you can finish off most of the ends, so only 2 - 4 pass through the bead.  


  Make a circle with the bracelet or necklace. 

Pass the ends coming from the right through the bead.

The ends coming from the left should be passed through in the opposite direction.


Tie tight Overhand or Barrel knots to prevent the cords from sliding out of the clasp.  

These knots should be placed 1 to 2 inches from the bead, so you can open the bracelet.



Loop + Button Clasps

Loop & Button

Jewelry clasps should look like part of the overall design. You can tie the knots so there is a small loop at one end. 

When you get to the opposite end, attach a button or bead to the cords.

Knife Knot

There are many knots that can be used to make these types of jewelry clasps.

The Knife Knot, also called the Diamond Knot, can be made with or without the loop.  It's frequently used in Paracord Bracelets.  It can be made with one cord, or with two.

Alpine Knot

Two of the Alpine Knots have loops at the top, so are good choices for loop clasps.

This one is the Alpine Butterfly knot. 

Macrame Cord Divider

Metal Jewelry Clasps

You can, of course, purchase clasps for jewelry.  Most are made of metal, and there are many types available. 

Here are three examples:
Hook Clasp

Hook Clasps are by far the most common type used in Micro-Macrame projects.  They come in many shapes.

SHIPWRECK BEADS has a wide selection of pewter clasps, including the Mermaid Clasp shown here.

Box Clasp

A Box Clasp has a clip that fits into a round or square frame.

It will usually have several loops where you attach cord material.


A Toggle Clasp has a ring or other shape for one end, with a bar for the other end of a jewelry design.


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