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Overhand Knot

Overhand Knot

Description: The Overhand knot (OH) is the easiest of all the Macrame knots, and is used in many patterns. In Vintage Macrame books it is sometimes referred to as a hard knot.

Several knots used in this craft are related to this one, and often start with this basic knot.

This decorative knot is used in both the preparation and finishing stages of projects. When tied at the end of a cord, it will prevent unraveling. 

But it can loosen over time, so you need to apply glue.

You can use it to prepare cords prior to knotting, so the fibers don't separate. You'll see this knot used to secure beads, and to connect two strands of material.

See Cord Preparation and Finishing Techniques for more details.

Overhand Knot   To tie the knot if you have two ends to work with, hold the cord in both hands.

Make a loop, crossing the left end over the right.

Pass the left end through the loop from below. Pull the ends to tighten the knot. 

Clockwise Loop   To tie the knot when only one end is free to move, start by making a clockwise loop with the working end.

End Through Loop   Pass the working end through the loop from below, which is under - over.




Several variations are shown below, all of which incorporate this knot as part of their design.

I recommend you use a piece of scrap cord and try to come up with your own unique variations.

Nets can be made by tying OH knots instead of Square knots, in an alternating pattern. See Alternating Square Knots, if you want to give it a try.

Practice tying a series of knots to form a chain.  See the Satin Dragonfly to view an example of this technique.

When making sennits using other knots, you can add Overhand knots on each side, to provide decoration.  

The Butterfly Bookmark is an easy project located in Macrame For Kids. 

It's a variation of the OH knot.
  Butterfly Bookmark


Linked Overhand Knots are other variations you can use where two cords need to be connected.

This is the Shamrock Knot.


Shamrock Knot



This Slipknot is related to the OH knot.

Instead of passing the end through the loop, you pass a bight through it instead.


Bight Through Loop



This is the Venetian Picot Mount.

The OH knot is tied in the center of a cord.

The two ends are then used to attach the design to a holding cord.


Venetian Picot Mount


This is a Hanger Knot, which is made with one cord, connecting two OH knots.   Hanger Knot

Overhand Knots A Matthew Walker knot
is tied by linking three
cords with OH knots.
Matthew Walker Knot

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