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Hanger Knot

 Hanger Knot


Description: The Hanger Knot is a Chinese Macrame technique that is used for decoration, or to form a stable loop.  It's similar to the Linked Overhand Knots, but is tied with only one cord.

There are two variations described below. One has a single loop at the top, and the other is winged, with three loops.

This decorative knot is sometimes seen in texts devoted to Chinese knots, under the name True Lover's Knot.

The winged variation is sometimes used when making wind chimes and other items that need to dangle from a strong knot.    

In Macrame for Kids, see the Satin Dragonfly, which features this decorative knot.


First Loop
  Make a loop in the center of the cord, crossing right over left.  Turn the loop sideways, as shown.

Secure the left half, which should be at the bottom.  The right half is the working end.

First Knot

Step 2: Bring the working end through the loop, from below (under - over).

This is the first Overhand knot. Don't tighten it yet.


Second Loop  

Step 3:  Bring the working end up slightly, and then fold it as you bring it back down.  Make a clockwise loop with the working end.

As you do so, bring the end through the first Overhand knot under - over (from below).


Second Overhand Knot   Complete the second Overhand knot by passing the working end through the second loop under - over (from below).

Tighten and Adjust   Step 4: As you tighten the knot, leave the top loop secured. Reduce the size of each Overhand Knot gradually, adjusting the upper loop as needed.

Make sure the crossing points remain in position and that you don't twist them.

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 Winged Hanger Knot

Winged Hanger Knot


This variation starts off the exact same way as the knot above. So follow the directions for steps 1 - 3

Do not tighten the two Overhand knots.  Leave them large and open so you can locate the different areas.

Identify Features  

Identify the crossing points, which are marked with an X in this image. Locate the crook of both loops, which is the curved area. That's the portion in the center of the knot.

The arrows show the direction the crooks will be pulled in the following steps.


Pull Crook Towards Right  

Pull the crook of the left Overhand knot through the crossed area on the right.


Close View of Step  

This is a closer view. The crook is pulled under the segment coming from the top of the Hanger knot.

It goes over the segment that's leading to the end of the cord (at the bottom).

Secure the cord once you have pulled it through.


Pull Crook Towards Left   Move the crook of the right Overhand knot through the crossed area at the left.

Tighten and Balance  

Keep the top loop secured and tighten the Hanger knot by pulling on the ends and wings.

You may need to work out the slack if the loops become too large for your project.


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