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Hanger Knot

Hanger Knot

Description: The Hanger Knot is a Chinese Macrame technique that is used for decoration or to form a stable loop.  It's actually 2 linked Overhand knots made in opposite directions.

There are two variations on this page.  The first one described has a single loop at the top, and the knot is tighter. 

The traditional style has three loops, and the tightened portion in the center is rectangular. It's sometimes called the Sauvastika Knot, which is the opposite of the Swastika emblem.

In Chinese Buddhist symbolism, the central structure of the traditional knot represents good fortune and virtue, power over evil, and the heart of Buddha.


Satin Dragonfly

The Satin Dragonfly is an easy beginner's project featuring this knot (wings).

Click on the image or link if you want to give it a try after practicing.

 Hanger Knot - Single Loop

  Step 1: Fold a cord in half and secure it to your board at the center.

Make a counter-clockwise loop with the left half of the cord, passing under at the crossing point.

Left OH

Step 2: Complete the left Overhand knot by moving the left half of the cord through the loop over - under.

Do not tighten the knot.  You can adjust it so it's closer to the center fold, depending on the loop size you are aiming for.


Right Half

Step 3:  Moving clockwise, pass the right half of the cord through the left Overhand knot under - over.

Pull it right, passing over at the crossing point.


Right OH
  Step 4: Pass the right half of the cord through the loop under - over to complete the right Overhand knot.

  Step 5: Reduce the size of each Overhand Knot gradually, adjusting the folded area as needed.

Make sure both knots remain in position and that you don't twist them.

Macrame Cord Divider

Traditional Hanger Knot


Repeat steps 1 - 4 of the previous instructions to start the traditional variation with three loops.  The cord should be at least 25 inches long.

Do not tighten the two Overhand knots.  Leave them large and open so you can identify the following areas:

  Segment A is the portion coming from the center fold.

Segment B is the portion leading to the ends of the cord.

Segment C is the crook of the Overhand knots.  These are the segments you move in the next 2 steps.


Pull the crook of the left Overhand knot to the right, passing it through the crossed area of the right Overhand knot.

It should pass under segment A and over segment B.

Try to keep the crossed area of the left knot straight, even if you need to enlarge the knot to get more material.


  Pull the crook of the right Overhand knot to the left, passing it through the crossed area of the left Overhand knot.

It should pass under segment B and over segment A. 

Enlarge the knot if you need more material.

  Tighten by pulling all three loops and the ends. 

The loops will become quite large, so you will need to reduce their size once the center area is tight.  

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