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Venetian Picot Mount


Venetian Picot Mount


Description: The Venetian Picot Mount is a vintage design that was very popular in the early 1900's.  

  • PICOT:  A loop or knot that stands up above a holding cord, dowel or ring.  In this case, it's a small knot called the Overhand Knot.  Be sure to visit that page and practice tying the knot before you get started.

  • HITCH:  A knot used to attach the picot to a holding cord, dowel, or ring.  Most of the time the Double Half Hitch is used, since that was the knot of choice in the past.  Practice the knot before getting started.

More pages of related techniques you should practice:


Step 1: Cut one holding cord and secure it horizontally to your work surface. You could also use a ring or dowel if you wish.

Cut a second cord to make the picot (working cord).



  Make an Overhand Knot  

Tie an Overhand Knot in the center of the working cord. Tighten it firmly.

Place the ends under the holding cord, so the knot rests above it.




  Half Hitch  

Step 2: Attach the left portion of the working cord to the holding cord with a Double Half Hitch (DHH).

Pull it tightly so there is no space between the Overhand knot and the holding cord.




  Attach Right End

Step 3: Attach the right portion to the holding cord, with a DHH.

Make sure you pull the first Half Hitch firmly before tightening the second one.



Step 4 (Optional):  In a Macrame pattern using the Venetian Picot Mount, you would repeat steps 1 - 3 to add more working cords to the holding cord.

Go ahead and do that now, if you wish to practice a few more knots.

Several Knots

You can make this picot design taller by tying three or more Overhand knots, arranged in a chain.

In this case, 5 Overhand knots were tied, then curved to form the picot.  



Use Linked Knots   You can also tie

 Linked Overhand Knots

(or combine both types)

Linked Overhand Knots       Completed Design


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