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Description: The Slipknot is sometimes called the Overhand Noose because it starts with an Overhand knot.

ItÂ’s been around for many centuries, but is not often viewed as a decorative knot. In Macrame, it's used to connect cords, and to form other knot designs.

Below are instructions for two ways to tie the basic knot, which has an adjustable loop.

On another page are instructions for a very unique application of this decorative knot.  It's called the Ashoka Chakra, and it forms a ring that can be used for jewelry designs.

You should practice other techniques that start with this knot.  These include the Chain Sennit and the Zipper Sennit.


Step 1: Make a loop in the center of an 18-inch cord. Cross the left end over the right.


Design Tip: Most Macrame patterns will tell you precisely where to place the loop along the cord, and which is the working end.

Bight Through Loop  

Step 2: Make a bight with the left end, which is now on the right.

Push it through the center of the first loop under - over (from below), heading right to left.

Tighten the loop by pulling on the bight. To adjust the size of the bight, pull on the working end.


Alternate Method  

Sometimes a Macrame design requires you to use the other end to make the knot. 

This will depend on how you crossed the ends in step 1.

You can pass the bight through the loop over - under (from above), heading left to right.


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