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Unique Mounting Designs

Unique Mounting Designs

Description: These Unique Mounting Designs are combination knots, usually found in the beginning stages of Macrame projects.

They are created by making one or more picot loops at the center of a working cord. You can use a decorative knot, or just fold the cord to form the loop.

The ends are then attached to a holding cord, dowel or ring. 

The techniques shown below are only a few of the many possible designs you can make. Once you understand the basic concept, you can create your own custom mounts for your Macrame projects.

Be sure to practice the Double Half Hitch before you get started.

To learn how to make other mounting designs with the Double Half Hitch (DHH), see the Double Half Hitch Mount.


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Loop Picot Mount

Loop Picot Mount

The first of the unique mounting designs shown here is frequently seen in vintage Macrame books, and is called the Loop Picot Mount.


Step 1: You will need four cords to practice this mounting technique.

Arrange one cord horizontally on your work surface (holding cord).

First Picot

Step 2: Fold a working cord in half, and slide it under the holding cord, with the fold at the top.

Attach each end to the holding cord with DHH.

Be sure to tighten the loop so it stands 1/2-inch above the holding cord.


Second Loop

Step 3: Fold another working cord in half, and arrange it around the first loop.

Attach both ends to the holding cord with DHH. They should rest on either side of the first two.


Third Loop
  Step 4: Repeat step 3 with a third working cord, placing it around the other two loops.

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Triple Loop Mount

Triple Loop Mount

This design is one of the most common of the unique mounting designs shown here. It's found in Macrame books written in the early 1900's as well as in the 1970's.

You will need four cords to practice this technique. One is a holding cord, which the design will be attached to.

Three Cords

Step 1: Secure three cords on your project board side by side.

The two segments furthest to the left and right are the working cords.


Tie a Square Knot   Step 2: Use the two working cords to tie a Square Knot around the other four segments, which are the fillers.


Step 3: Tighten the Square Knot, adjusting the size of the loops, so the one in the center is higher.

Attach all the ends to the holding cord with DHH. 

The Square Knot should rest above the row of DHH.


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Slipknot Mount

Slipknot Mount

Since unique mounting designs can be made with a variety of knots, the directions below show you how to use the Slipknot.

You will need one holding cord, and one working cord to make each Slipknot.

Cross Right Over Left  

Step 1: Fold the working cord in half. Make a loop, crossing right over left.

The working end is on the left. Secure the other end, as well as the center of the loop, to your board or work surface


Pass Bight Through Loop  

Step 2: Form a bight with the working end, and push it through the loop from below.

This forms a Slipknot. Tighten it by pulling on the ends and the bight.

Bight = Narrow Fold


  Step 3: Arrange the holding cord horizontally.

Place the Slipknot above it, and adjust the size of the loop. Attach both ends to the holding cord with DHH.

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Figure Eight Mount

 Figure Eight Mount

This mount features the Figure Eight knot, and demonstrates how you can be creative and come up with your own unique mounting designs. 
Cross Left Over Right   Step 1: Make a loop in the center of a working cord.

Make sure the left end crosses over the right.

Figure Eight  

Step 2: Move the end on the left over the other end at the bottom, as you move it counter-clockwise. 

Bring it through the loop at the top, from below.

Tighten the Figure Eight knot so it's small, but make sure you can still see the general shape.



Step 3: Arrange a holding cord on your work surface horizontally.

Place the Figure Eight knot just above it, turned sideways.

Attach both ends to the holding cord with DHH.


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