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Matthew Walker Knot

Matthew Walker Knot

Description: The Matthew Walker knot features three Overhand Knots linked together in an unusual manner.   It forms a rounded area at the tip of the cord, so is usually tied as a finishing knot.

This decorative knot can be used to prevent a twisted style cord from unraveling. You can also tie this Macrame knot using three or more cords, as in the example shown.

This knot can be tied anywhere along the length of a cord, but it's usually placed at the tips.

After it's tied, you can cut off the remaining material, and the knot will still hold together. 


  Unravel the Cord   Three separate cords were used to show you the steps below.

When using this design as a finishing knot, you would unravel one cord to get three or more separate fibers. You then use the fibers to tie the knot.

  Knot Tied Close to Ends  

Step 1: Cut three cords, at least 12 inches long. Secure them to your work surface so they are vertical.

The knot should be started 8 to 10 inches below the ends of the cords.


  First Loop  

Step 2: Use the cord furthest to the left (brown) to make a counter-clockwise loop.

It should rest on top of the other two cords.


  First Overhand Knot  

Step 3: Complete the Overhand Knot by passing the end through the loop from below.

The end of the cord should be heading upward when you are finished.


  Second Loop   Step 4: Select the cord resting next to the one you just used (green).

Make the counter-clockwise loop, so it rests beneath the first one.

  Pass End Through Both Loops   Step 5: As you complete the Overhand knot with the second cord, pass the end through both loops, from below.  

  Pass End Through 3 Loops   Step 6: Use the final cord (purple) to create a third Overhand knot, passing the end through all three loops.  

  Tighten   Step 7: Pull on all three ends, on both sides of the knots, to tighten.


  Cut off Excess Material  

Make sure you tighten the Matthew Walker knot as much as possible.

Cut off the remaining material if you wish, and apply glue as needed.


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