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Matthew Walker Knot

Matthew Walker Knot

Description:  The Matthew Walker Knot features three cords linked together with Overhand Knots.  It's usually used at the end of the cords, so is considered a finishing knot.  But you can tie it anywhere along the length of the cords, if you want to use it as decoration.

In most cases, you can cut off the tips of the cords close to the surface of the knot, and it will hold together.  When using synthetic material like nylon, melting the tips with a flame will help secure them.
Twist Style

This knotting technique is an excellent way to prepare twist style material, which unravels easily.

You separate the fibers and tie the knot with them, rather than three different cords.

Tying Instructions


Step 1:  You need three cords at least 18 inches long.

Secure them to your board vertically, 10 inches from the ends of the cords.


Step 2: Use the cord furthest to the left (brown) to make a counter-clockwise loop.

It should rest on top of the other two cords.

Overhand Knot

Step 3: Complete the Overhand Knot by passing the end through the loop from below (under - over).

The end of the cord should be heading towards the back of the board when you are done.


Next Cord
  Step 4: Select the cord resting next to the one you just used (green).

Make the counter-clockwise loop, so it rests beneath the first one.

Both Loops
  Step 5: Complete the Overhand knot with the second cord, passing the end through both loops from below.

Three Loops

Step 6: Use the final cord (purple) to create the third Overhand knot, passing the end through all three loops.



Step 7: To tighten, pull evenly on all three cords, on both sides of the knots.

Reduce the size gradually.



Make sure you tighten the Matthew Walker knot as much as possible.

You can apply glue and cut off the ends of the cords (optional).  Melt the tips if using Parachute cord.


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