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Zip Clasp

Zip Clasp

Description:  The Zip Clasp is a unique way to form a Micro-Macrame jewelry closure.  The advantage to using it is that it's very easy to open and close.

It's a great clasp for Paracord bracelets, and can be used for a necklace or belt as well.

When making something with this technique, you should use 2mm size materials like Hemp, Nylon, or Satin. 

Materials easily compressed and flexible, such as cotton, are not the best choices for this type of clasp.

In the example, Square Knots were tied for the entire bracelet.  The first knot should be a Square Knot, but the rest can be changed if you prefer something else. 

Here are some options, if you want to experiment with other Macrame knots:

Important:  Make sure the knot you choose is the type with fillers (or holding cords), since they are an important part of this clasp design. 

The credit for this Macrame pattern goes to Christine, who plans to make free bracelets for the elderly in her community. 



  • Determine your wrist size and multiply it by 2Add 16 inches. Cut one filler cord to this length.
  • Cut one working cord, your wrist size x 12.  

Prepare the ends to prevent unraveling, using tape, glue or wax.  For Paracord, heat the ends to seal the outer material, and then apply tape to the tips.

Filler Cord = Green      Working Cord = Yellow


Macrame Cord Divider


Step 1:  Place a bead (or tie an Overhand knot) in the center of the filler cord.  Secure it to your board.

Place the working cord under the filler horizontally. It should rest 4 inches above the bead or knot. 

Match the ends so it's centered, and then secure it to the board.

Step 2:  Below are the four steps to make a Square Knot. 

Important:  Tighten the knots completely, but be careful not to make them too tight, or the Zip Clasp won't be able to open and close easily. 

The fillers need to be able to slide through the knots with very little effort.

Step 1
<< Move the left half of the working cord to the right, over the fillers and under the right half.

Move the right half to the left, under the fillers and over the left half of the working cord.  >>
Step 2

The ends of the working cord have switched places. So the second half of the Square knot is tied in reverse:

Step 3
<<  Move the left half over the fillers and under the right half, heading left.

Move the right half to the right, under the fillers and over the left half of the working cord.  >>
Step 4


Step 3:  Make a clockwise loop with the filler cord, so it's your wrist size + 2 inches.  

Measure from just above the Square knot, all the way around to the area below the knot. 

Make sure there is at least two inches in the portion sticking out above the SK, to tie the finishing knots, as shown in the image above.

Near the Square knot, the ends should rest under the folded portion (with the bead/knot).

Secure the loop well, so it doesn't change size as you tie the knots for the bracelet.  It helps if you can rotate the entire board so you can change the angle as needed.

From here, you can switch to using other types of knots, if you prefer something other than the Square Knots shown.

4 Segments

Step 4:  Tie the next knot with the working cord, just below the first one. 

The knot should be tied around all 4 segments of the filler cord in that area.

Tighten completely, but gently, so it's not too tight.


Step 5:  Repeat step 4, tying 2 - 5 knots. 

You can tie more knots in this area of the Zip Clasp, depending on the thickness of the material you use.

Make sure you stop 2-inches before you reach the end of the folded segment (with the bead).

Move Bead

Step 6:  Move the folded segment out of the way, by bending it backwards, towards the knots.

Continue tying knots to make the rest of the bracelet, around the 2 filler cords that are left. Stop when you reach the size you want.  There may be some space between the first and last knots.

Step 7:  Before finishing off the ends, make sure the Zip Clasp works and the bracelet is the right size. (see below)

Add or remove knots as needed.

<< To open the Zip Clasp, pull on the fillers in the area between the first and last knots.

  Pull on the bead when you want to close the clasp, after you put your hand through the loop.  >>


Step 8:  Finish off the ends by tying Overhand knots, at each end of the bracelet.

Make sure the knots are in the back of the bracelet before you apply glue.

When the glue is dry, cut off the excess material.

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Have any comments about the Zip Clasp? Contact Me.

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