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Spiral Stitch


Spiral Stitch


Description: The Spiral Stitch is also called the Half Knot Spiral. This historical knot is frequently seen in both modern and vintage Macrame patterns.

Because it's such a popular knotting technique, you will see it in nearly every Macrame book. From large hammocks to fine jewelry, this well known decorative knot is suitable for many types of Macrame projects.

This knot is made with Half Knots, which is 1/2 of a Square Knot.

Because you are tying only half of a knot that's usually flat, the sennit will twist as you progress.

It does so on it's own, but it's a good idea to give it some help. Deliberately twist the knots, so the spiral design is tighter and more uniform.




To practice, you need either two cords folded in half, or 4 separate cords (two working cords, two fillers). Secure them to your work surface.

The working cords should be to the right and left of the fillers, which need to be in the center.

In the images, the fillers are black. The working cords are brown.



  Curve Right Working Cord  

Step 1: Move the right working cord to the left, passing over the fillers and under the left working cord.




  Path of Left Working Cord  

Step 2: Move the left working cord to the right, passing under the fillers, and over the right working cord.

Both steps = one Half Knot.





Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 at least 10 more times, to create the rest of the sennit.

(see information below)

Make sure you tighten the knots so they are close to each other. 




  Spiral Stitch  

The Spiral Stitch looks a lot better if the twisted pattern is the same size in each area.

So tie 5 knots, and then deliberately rotate the sennit, so the ends switch places (1/2 turn).

Tie 5 more knots, and rotate again. Continue on in this fashion as you progress.



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