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Half Hitch Patterns

Half Hitch Patterns

There are four Half Hitch Patterns described on this page. They are all made by tying Half Hitches onto a separate holding cord, arranged in an alternating pattern.

The sennits made with these techniques can be used as part of plant hangers, or to make belts, bracelets, leashes, or other long items.

Half Hitch designs shown below:

  • Basic Pattern:  The most common type of Half Hitch design
  • Two-by Two Pattern:  Features the Double Half Hitch
  • Progressive Pattern:  Unique vintage design
  • Cobblestone Pattern: Vintage design found in a Macrame book from 1903

Alternating Half Hitch

The Alternating Half Hitch is related to the designs on this page. 

The main difference is that the knots are tied with one cord onto the other rather than a separate holding cord.

Basket Stitch

The Basket Stitch is a variation of the basic design described below.

There are SEVERAL holding cords, which makes the design much wider.

Macrame Cord Divider

Basic Pattern

Basic Design

Step 1: Arrange three cords vertically on your board or work surface.

The holding cord is in the center. Make sure it's secured at the top and bottom, and has tension.

The working cords are on either side of the holding cord. Secure them at the top only.



Step 2: Use the right working cord to tie the first Half Hitch, in a clockwise direction.

A Half Hitch is tied by making a loop, over - under the holding cord, and over the working cord.



Step 3: Tie a Half Hitch in a counter-clockwise direction, using the left working cord.

The Half Hitch is tied the same, no matter which direction you make the loop (over - under - over).



Step 4:  Repeat Steps 2 and 3 several times, alternating between the two working cords.

Push the Half Hitches close together as you progress, and try to tighten them the same so the sennit the same width in all areas.


Macrame Cord Divider

Two-By-Two Pattern


Half Hitch Patterns can be made with DOUBLE Half Hitches.  In some vintage Macrame books, they are called Two-by-Two patterns.

The loops along the edges are further apart than in the basic pattern. Other cords can be attached to the loops, which is why this design is used for handbag straps.

Step 1:  Repeat step 1 from the basic pattern.

Step 2: Tie a clockwise Half Hitch with the right working cord onto the holding cord.



Step 3: Using the right working cord again, make a second Half Hitch next to the first one.

Two Half Hitches = 1 Double Half Hitch

Tighten both knots firmly.


Left DHH

Step 4: Use the left working cord to make a Double Half Hitch. Rotate counter-clockwise.



Step 5:  Repeat steps 2 - 4 several times. 

Half Hitch patterns look better if the knots are close together. So slide the Double Half Hitches against each other as you progress.

Make sure you keep the sennit as flat as possible.


Macrame Cord Divider

Cobblestone Pattern


The Half Hitch patterns used in the early 1900's are quite unique.  This one is called the Cobblestone Pattern, and it doesn't have any loops along the edges. 

The design is much more sturdy than the first two patterns you've learned so far. It makes a nice strap for a Macrame purse, as well as a belt. 

Step 1: Set up the cords as you did in the previous patterns, securing two working cords and one filler vertically to your board.

Mentally number the three cords.

Cord 3

Step 2:  Use cord 3 to tie a clockwise Half Hitch around cords 1 and 2.

Cord 1

Step 3:  Use cord 1 to tie a counter-clockwise Half Hitch around cords 2 and 3.


Step 4:  Repeat steps 2 - 3 several times.

Make sure you push all the Half Hitches close together.


Progressive Pattern

This is the most unique of all the Half Hitch patterns on this page. It's called a progressive pattern, because the number of holding cords changes.  In the previous patterns, the holding cords remained the same throughout the design.

I found this technique in a Macrame book written in 1899.


Basket Stitch

The Basket Stitch page has an expanded version of the Progressive pattern. 

The knots are tied around 1 holding cord, then 2, and so on.  That's the whole point for this type of pattern.

Click on the link to visit that page.

Step 1:  Secure four cords to your board, or fold two cords in half.

Mentally number the cords.  The holding cords are 2 and 3.

Half Hitches

Step 2: Use cord 1 to tie a counter-clockwise Half Hitch onto holding cord 2. 

Use cord 4 to tie a clockwise Half Hitch onto holding cord 3.


2 HC
  Step 3: Use cord 4 to tie the next clockwise Half Hitch around both holding cords (2 and 3).

Tighten the knot firmly and push it against the two knots made in step 2.

Cord 1

Step 4: Use cord 1 next, tying a counter-clockwise Half Hitch around both holding cords.

Half Hitch patterns look better when the knots are close together, so push this one against the others after tightening.


Repeat step 2

Step 5:  Repeat step 2, tying a Half Hitch with each working cord, onto ONE holding cord.



Step 6:  Repeat steps 3 - 5 several more times.

Make sure the Half Hitches are as close together as possible, so you can't see the holding cords.


Designer's Tip:   Be creative! Send me images of other unique Half Hitch patterns you come up with on your own.

I'll share them by putting the photos on our Facebook page.


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