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Basket Stitch


Basket Stitch

  Standard Design            Progressive Design


Description: The Basket Stitch is a vintage knot I found in a book written in the early 1900's.  This Macrame technique is considered a variation of similar Half Hitch Patterns that require a holding cord.

What makes this knot unique is that you use several holding cords, which makes the alternating pattern much wider than other sennits.

You could use this decorative knot in any project that needs a wide chain of knots, such as a belt, purse strap, or a plant hanger.

I've also included an interesting variation called the Progressive Design. You can make V and X shapes with the technique.





  Several Holding Cords  

Step 1: You need at least 4 cords, folded in half and secured to a board vertically.

The two cords furthest to the right and left are the working cords. The remainder are the holding cords.




Important: All the Half Hitches for the Basket Stitch are tied by moving the working cord over, and then under all the fillers.

Make sure the end passes over the working cord, as you bring it to the side. You're making a loop, so the ends have to cross. You can see this in the first image below.

I recommend you secure the holding cords at the top and bottom, pulling them so they have tension. This really help to keep the knot as flat as possible.



  Clockwise Half Hitch

Step 2: Use the working cord on the right to make the first Half Hitch in a clockwise direction.

Tighten it gently to leave the knot loose and flat, so the holding cords don't overlap too much.




  Counter-Clockwise Half Hitch
Step 3: Use the working cord on the left, to tie the next Half Hitch below the first.

It should be tied in a counter-clockwise direction.



  Basket Stitch Design
Step 4: Repeat steps 2 and 3 several times, to complete the Basket Stitch.

Try to keep the sennit as wide as possible, by pressing down on it as you progress.




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Progressive Basket Stitch



This interesting technique is made by tying Half Hitches around increasing numbers of holding cords. The result is a very attractive design rarely seen in modern Macrame patterns.

You can make V shapes with this technique, as well as the X shape shown above.




  Working and Holding Cords  

Step 1: The two cords furthest to the right and left are the working cords.

Mentally number the holding cords 1 - 8.




Design Tip: Apply a piece of tape horizontally, to make it easier to position the first knots.

Keep the holding cords straight and somewhat taut as you create this variation of the Basket Stitch.



  First 2 Half Hitches  

Step 2: Tie the first Half Hitch using the left working cord, onto holding cord 1.

Repeat the process with the right working cord, onto cord 8. Tighten both knots so they rest against the bottom of the tape.




The process for tying the Half Hitches is the same as in the instructions for the standard design described in step 1.



  Knots Around 2 Holding Cords  

Step 3: The next set of Half Hitches are tied around two holding cords.

  • Right: Holding Cords 7 and 8
  • Left: Holding Cords 1 and 2



  Knots Around 3 Holding Cords  

Step 4: The third set of Half Hitches is tied around three holding cords.

  • Right: Holding Cords 6 - 8.
  • Left: Holding cords 1 - 3.



  Four Holding Cords  

Step 5: For the next row, the Half Hitches are tied as follows:

  • Right: Holding cords 5 - 8
  • Left: Holding cords 1 - 4.



  Right Half Hitch  

Step 6: Use the right working cord to tie a Half Hitch around holding cords 4 - 8.

This includes one cord from the left group.




  Left Half Hitch  

Step 7: The next Half Hitch is tied with the left working cord, onto holding cords 1 - 6.

This also includes one from the other group.




  Holding Cords x 8   Step 8: Use the right working cord to tie a Half Hitch around all 8 holding cords.

Do the same with the left working cord.



  X Shape Design  

Now you have a decision to make. You can stop here if if you want a V shaped design.

Or you can repeat the steps in reverse order (8 - 2), to make the X shaped design shown here.



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