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Larks Head Knot

Larks Head Knot


Description: The Larks Head Knot is one of the most frequently used decorative knots in Macrame.  Another name for this knot is the Cow Hitch.

Since this knot is a "hitch", it is used frequently in the mounting process.  That's when you attach one cord to another, or onto a ring, dowel or purse handle.

The Reverse Larks Head is also described on this page. It's a very important variation, so please practice it, too.

It's used when you need to turn the knot around so it resembles a Double Half Hitch. 

Also on this page are instructions for a unique application of this important knot. It's called the Nestled Mount.

It was found in a book written in 1899, so it's a vintage knot, and is not very well known.



Standard Larks Head Knot


Step 1: To practice, secure one holding cord to your board horizontally.

Fold one working cord in half, and place it under the holding cord. The folded area should be forward, with the ends heading towards the back of the board.



Step 2: Complete the knot by moving both halves over the holding cord, heading forward.

Pass them under the folded area of the working cord.

Tighten the knot firmly.



The Larks Head knot has a horizontal segment made by the fold, resting just below the holding cords.

That portion is called the head, and many Macrame patterns refer to that area when describing the direction it will face (forward or backward).


Macrame Cord Divider

Reverse Larks Head

Reverse Larks Head
The Reverse Larks Head knot is more common than the standard variation you just practiced.  It is often used when there are Double Half Hitches present, since the knot will blend in.

The head is facing downward (or backward), so you only see the back of the knot.

On Top

Step 1: Secure a holding cord to your board horizontally.

Fold a working cord in half and place it over the holding cords (on top). 

The folded portion should be forward, and the ends heading towards the back of the board.


  Step 2: Bring the two halves towards you, passing under the holding cord and over the folded area of the working cord.

Pull them firmly to tighten the knot.

  This image shows how the Reverse Larks Head resembles a Double Half Hitch. 

Macrame Cord Divider

Nestled Mount

 Nestled Mount


Here's a variation of the Larks Head that is not very well known. It is used when different colors are required to form an alternating design.

One knot rests inside the other so the two halves of one color are on the outside.

When you tie a Square Knot with the two cords furthest to the right and left  (working cords), the knot will be that color rather than a mixture of both. 

To practice, you need a dowel or holding cord, along with two working cords in different colors. 


Cord A

Step 1: Tie a standard Larks Head knot with one cord. 

This is the color that will be on the inside.  Mentally label it Cord A.


Cord B

Step 2: Fold the other working cord in half (Cord B).  Place the center of it on top of Cord A (over).

Bring the two halves under the dowel, heading towards the back of your board.  Make sure they are widely separated as shown.

Cord B

Step 3: Bring the two halves of Cord B over the front of the dowel, and under the folded area.

Make sure they stay to the right and left, beside the first knot.



Step C: Tighten Cord B carefully.

The head of the knot made with Cord B should rest below the one from Cord A.


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