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Diamond Stitch

Diamond Stitch

Description:  The Diamond Stitch resembles both the Cross Knot and the Crown knot.  It's sometimes called the Box Knot, especially in vintage Macrame books.

Unlike the Cross Knot, it does not have a loop and is tied with two separate cords.  So it can be made after other knots have been tied.

When you make a Crown Knot, each knot rests on top of the previous one, which results in a stack.   In this design, the knots rest next to each other without stacking.  So it can be tied in a sennit and in alternating row.

Usually the knot will rest in a diamond shape, like the image at the top of the page. 

This image shows how the knot is square if the ends are vertical and horizontal.  That's why it's called the Square Stitch or Box Knot in vintage Macrame books.


This is an image of an alternating pattern that was used to make one area of the Diamond Planter.

After you make one row, you simply choose one cord from two different knots to make the next row.

Click on the image or link to view the page.


  Step 1: To practice the Diamond Stitch, secure two cords vertically on your board. 

Fold the left cord so the end of it is heading backward (away from you).

Secure the folded area.

  Step 2: Place a pin on the left cord 1-inch from the pin at the first fold.

Then fold it at the pin, moving it forward (toward you).

Designer's Tip:  The distance between the pins can be increased or decreased, depending on the thickness of the material.  You will quickly be able to determine the best placement after you make a few knots.  

Once you are familiar with this knot, try making it without pins.


Step 3:  Mentally label the three segments of the left cord A - C as shown.

Move the right cord under segment C and over segments B and A, heading left horizontally.



Step 4:  Move the right cord to the right, passing it under segment A, over B, and under C.



Step 5:  Move the right cord to the left, passing over segments C and B, and under segment A.

Tighten the knot gradually by pulling on the ends.


Step 6:  Repeat steps 1 - 5 at least 2 more times if you are practicing the Diamond Stitch.

Leave some space between the knots so they are more obvious.


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