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Crown Knot

Crown Knot


Description: The Chinese Crown Knot is sometimes called the Shamrock Knot.

It has several loops along the outside that resemble flower petals, so has been called the Chinese Flower in some books.

This design is very similar to a Lanyard Knot, which is a basic Macrame knot. Those are sometimes called Crown knots, too, but don't have the loops.

You can create this beautiful Macrame knot with any number of loops, so I have included two variations of this interesting knot for you to practice.

You will need a Project board and pins.


To practice, you need one cord at least 72 inches long.

Using 2mm to 4mm material will make the knot less bulky.

In the example, I used 3mm Paracord material.
Three Folded Area  

Step 1: Fold the cord in half, and secure it to your board, so the ends are at the bottom.

Fold the cord to make bights on the top, right and left.  The size of each bight should be at least 5 inches.

Mentally label the three areas as shown.


Ends Fold Upward  

Step 2: Move the two ends counter-clockwise, so they pass over bight 1.

They should come to rest to the right of bight 2.

Make sure you leave a space as shown.


Fold 1 Goes Left   Step 3: Move bight 1 to the left, over bight 2.  
Secure it on the left.

Fold 2 Goes Down   Step 4:  Move bight 2 downward, over bight 3.

Secure it to your board.

Fold 3 Goes Right   Step 5: Move bight 3 towards the right.

Pass it through the space from step 2, over - under (from the top).

Tighten First Knot  

Step 6: Tighten the first half of the Chinese Crown by pulling on the bights/ends. Make sure none of the coils overlap, and the knot is neat.

Arrange it on your board, so the ends are at the top. Mentally re-number the bights as shown.


Bring Ends Downward  

Step 7: The second half of the knot is made by rotating clockwise.

Move the ends downward, passing over bight 1

Remember to leave a small space.


Fold 1 Goes Left  

Step 8: Move bight 1 to the right, passing over  bight 2.


Fold 2 Goes Upward  

Step 9:  Move bight 2 towards the top, passing over bight 3.


Fold 3 Goes Right   Step 10: Move bight 3 to the right, and pass it through the space over - under (from the top).

Tighten the Knot  

Step 11: Tighten the knot and reduce the size of the second set of loops one at a time.

Pull on the 4 areas made in the first half of the Crown knot. Those loops should be smaller, and rest between the second set of loops.


Macrame Cord Divider

Five Loop Crown Knot

5-Loop Crown Knot

To make the Chinese Crown with 5 outer loops, youÂ’ll need one cord at least 90 inches long.  Make sure you use a large project board and pins.
  Set Up the Loops  

Step 1: Set up the bights as you did in step 1 of the previous instructions. Make five of them, so the ends are at the bottom.  The first two bights are on the right, and the third is at the top.  The final two are on the left.

Mentally number the bights as shown.


Steps 2 - 7: Here is how the bights should be positioned when you fold them over the next one in line:
Fold the Ends First   Fold 1   Fold 2

over Bight 1
Bight 1
over Bight 2
Bight 2
over Bight 3
Fold 3   Fold 4   Fold 5 Through Space
Bight 3 over Bight 4   Bight 4 over Bight 5   Bight 5

Tighten the Center  

Tighten the first half of the Crown knot gradually, one bight at a time.

Make Second Knot Clockwise   Step 8: Reposition the design, so the ends are at the top.  Make the second half of the Crown Knot, moving the ends first, and then one bight at a time. 

You'll be moving in a clockwise direction, but the process is the same as in steps 2 - 7.

Tighten the Loops  

Step 9: Tighten the second knot, which results in the five long loops in this image.

As you adjust their size, pull on the segments of the cord between them to make the six smaller loops a little larger.  So you end up with a total of 11 loops.


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