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Candy Cane Decoration


Candy Cane Decoration  

Description:  This Candy Cane Decoration features the Crown Knot. You will be making the vertical design, which is unique.

This holiday decoration can be used to decorate Christmas trees and wreaths.

The fringe at the bottom is optional.

This Macrame project is suitable for older children and adult beginners.  It is a great craft project for children's groups.

Finished size: 6 inches long x 1 inch wide


Supplies Needed:
  • 4 mm cord material (Red and White)
  • Craft Wire
  • Fabric or Household Glue
  • Needle Nose pliers
  • Project Board and Pins


Cutting Instructions:

  • Cut 2 cords, each at least 80 inches long (both colors).
  • Cut 2 pieces of craft wire, each at least 8 inches long.

To change the size from top to bottom, determine the finished length you want and multiply it by 13.  Cut each cord to that length.

To change the width, cut additional cords or use a different size material.


Arrange Wires   Step 1: Lay the wires on the project board, so one is vertical and the other is horizontal. Make sure the centers are matched up.

Place the Cords Diagonally  

Place the white cords on top of the wires, resting diagonally.

Do the same with the red cords, laying them on top of the white ones in the opposite direction.

The centers of both cords need to be resting at the crossing point of the wires. 


Bring Wires Together  

Step 2:  Fold the wires so they pass around the crossing point of the cords.

Bring them together in a group standing upright.  You can twist them together if you wish.



Crown Knot Instructions

Step 3:  The images below show the steps to make the first Crown Knot for your Candy Cane Decoration.

Each segment has two cords that act together. Try to fold the cords rather than curve them.

Mentally label each segment A - D, starting on the lower right and moving counter-clockwise.
Move Segment A  

Step A: Fold segment A backward so it rests on top of segment B.

Leave a small space for the 4th step.


Move Segment B  

Step B:  Fold segment B to the left so it rests on top of segment C.


Move Segment C   Step C:  Fold segment C forward, resting on top of segment D.

Segment D Thru Space   Step D:  Move segment D to the right.

Pass it through the space formed with segment A from the top (over - under).

Arrange Cords Neatly  

Tighten the knot gradually, neatly arranging the two cords side-by-side in each area.

Remove the pin from the center and position it on the outside of the Crown Knot. 

Do not move the knot while you tighten it.


Step 4:  Mentally re-label the four segments where they are now, starting at the lower right (see image below).

For the next Crown knot, reverse the direction you move the cords (clockwise).

Reverse the Direction  

Start with segment A on the lower right. Fold it left, resting on top of segment D.

Continue by folding segments D, C, and B (in that order).  Segment B passes through the space formed by segment A.



Important: As you continue making new Crown knots, ALWAYS start with the cord on the lower right.  The stripes for the Candy Cane Decoration depend on this. 

Make sure you do not turn the knots when tightening, or the pattern will be altered.  On two sides the vertical loops should all be the same color, as shown in the image below.

Alternate the direction you progress (clockwise or counter-clockwise) each time you tie a new knot.


Knots Will Stack  

Step 5:  Make several more Crown knots, which will stack on top of one another as you progress.

Stop when the Candy Cane is 6 inches long.


Trim and Finish the Ends  

Step 6: Trim the ends so they are even. You can finish by tucking each cord into the Crown Knot sennit.

Another option is to unravel each cord and brush the fibers to form a soft fringe at the bottom of your Candy Cane Decoration.


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