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Cross Knot

Cross Knot

< Basic Design

Winged Cross >

Winged Cross


Description: The Cross Knot is one of the easiest Chinese Macrame knots. It's often used in projects where a stable loop is needed for hanging, or for a clasp.

The folded segments form a cross on the front and a diamond shape on the back.

The Winged Cross is an interesting variation, so is also described on this page.  The center area is the same as the basic design, but there are two loops.


Cross Knot


< Front

Back >


  Step 1: Fold a cord in half and secure it to your board at the center.

Mentally label the right and left halves.

Right Half

Step 2: Make a loop by moving the right half of the cord to the left, passing it under the left half.

Fold it back to the right, passing over the left half. 

Secure it to your board horizontally.



Step 3: Fold the left half of the cord backward to form a bight.

Pass the working end over the segments in the center area. Bring it through the loop.

Pull it forward, passing under the segments in the center area.


Right Half

Step 4: Move the right half of the cord to the left horizontally, passing it under the left half of the cord.

Pass it through the bight under - over.

Tighten the knot gradually, adjusting the size of the loop to suit your project.


Macrame Cord Divider

Winged Cross


< Front

Back >


Description: The Winged Cross is a unique variation seldom seen in Chinese Macrame.  The difference is that this design has two loops, which can be used as attachment points for other cords. 

When the wings are horizontal, the ends of the cord are diagonal.  It's the opposite if the ends are horizontal.   Take that into consideration if you plan to use it in a Macrame project.

As you create this knot, you will be looking at the BACK.

  Step 1: Secure one end of a 45-inch cord to your board horizontally (tail). 

Fold the working end to form Bight 1.  Arrange it so the fold is on the right, with the working end in the forward position.

Loop A

Step 2:  Make Loop A with the working cord, rotating counter-clockwise.

Move the working end backward, passing over Bight 1.



Step 3: Pass the working end under Bight 1 as you bring it toward you (forward).

Bight 2

Step 4: Make Bight 2 by moving the working end backward vertically.

Pass it through Bight 1 over - under.


Loop B

Step 5: Rotate the working end clockwise to make Loop B in the upper right area of the Winged Cross Knot.

Move it under - over Bight 2 heading left.  Do the same with Loop A.


Thru Bight

Step 6: Fold the working end to the right, passing it over the right side of Loop A.

Pass it through Bight 2 over - under.



Step 7:  Tighten the center of the Winged Cross Knot by pulling both loops and the two ends of the cord.

In this image, the center area is slightly loose.  Be sure to tighten the area completely.

Turn the knot over so you are looking at the front (next image).


Step 8:  Reduce the size of the wings by pulling each loop close to the center area, then where it folds around the opposite loop.  Pull the end of the cord last.

In this image, the three points for both the right wing (R) and the left wing (L) are labeled.

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