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Cross Knot

Cross Knots

Description: The Cross Knot is one of the easiest Chinese Macrame knots. On one side, it looks like a cross, on the other side, a diamond shape.

You can tie alternating rows of this decorative knot to make a really beautiful pattern.

The Diamond Stitch is a related technique, so I've added it to this page. It's a vintage Macrame knot, and is sometimes called the Square Stitch. It's made with two separate cords, and does not have a loop at the top.

The Winged Cross is another interesting variation, and is also described below.


Cross Knot

Cross Knot

Fold One Cord   Step 1: Fold one cord in half, and secure it to your board. Mentally label the right and left halves.

Right Half  

Step 2: Move the right half of the cord to the left, under the left half.

Bring it back to the right, passing over the left half.

Secure it to your board, keeping it horizontal.


Use Left Half  

Step 3: Move the left half upward to the loop at the top, rotating clockwise.

Bring it back down, passing under both segments of the right half. Secure it to your board.


Weave With Right Half  

Step 4: Move the right half horizontally, to the left.

Pass under - under - over the three segments.


Cross Knot   Tighten the Cross Knot by pulling on the ends. Shorten the loop to the size you need.

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Diamond Stitch

Diamond Stitch

Description: The Diamond Stitch is similar to the design on the back of the Cross Knot.

It's also similar to a Lanyard knot, but it's constructed so you can use it in rows, rather than stacking the knots on top of one another.

See the Vintage Basket, and the Diamond Plant Hanger, which both feature this unique decorative knot.

Two Vertical Bights  

Step 1: To practice, secure one end of a cord to your project board.

Fold the cord to make two vertical bights.

The first one should be downward, and the other upward. Secure both to your board.


Right to Left  

Step 2:  Secure cord 2 to your board to the right of cord 1.

Move it right to left, passing under - over - over the three segments of cord 1.


Left to Right  

Step 3: Move down slightly, and pass cord 2 through the bights from left to right.

It should go under - over - under the three segments.


Right to Left  

Step 4: Bring cord 2 back to the left, weaving it over - over - under.


Diamond Stitch  

Gradually tighten the Diamond Stitch by pulling on the ends.

In a Macrame project, you may not be able to pull on the ends at the top, if they were used to tie other knots.



One nice thing about the Diamond Stitch is that you can create a sennit, like the one shown.

You can also tie the knots in an alternating pattern, similar to Alternating Square Knots.


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Winged Cross Knot

Winged Cross Knot
Description: The Winged Cross Knot looks great on both the front and the back. One side has a cross shape, and the other a square.

This knot is made differently than the other variations, since there are two loops.
Make a Bight   Step 1: Fold a 45-inch cord in half to form Bight 1. Lay it on your work surface horizontally.

The working end will be the segment on the bottom, so secure the other end.

Loop A  

Step 2: Bring the working end down to form loop A counter-clockwise.  Move the end upward,  passing over the secured end.

Bring it down, passing it under both segments of Bight 1. The end should rest to the right of Loop A when you are finished.


Bring End Up  

Step 3: Bring the working end back up, passing through Bight 1 over - under (from the top).

This creates Bight 2, which is vertical.


Loop B + Weaving  

Step 4: Move the working end to make Loop B, rotating clockwise, in the upper right area of the Winged Cross Knot.

Weave it under - over - under - over Bight 2 and Loop A as you bring it to the left.


Bring End Right  

Step 5: Bring the working end back to the right side of the knot, through Bight 2 over - under (from the top).

Remove most of the pins, except for those on  Loops A and B.



Tighten the center of the Winged Cross by pulling on the ends and loops.

Adjust the size of the loops by following the path of the cord to remove the slack.


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