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Macrame Supplies

Macrame Supplies in Organizer


Specific Macrame supplies and crafting tools are necessary to create the craft projects on this site, as well as those in Macrame books.

On this page is a list of the basic items you need.  You should obtain these supplies before you start your project.

Many supermarkets and hardware stores carry craft supplies, if you don’t already have these items at home. You can also find items in thrift stores, yard sales, and online stores.


You will need a table or other work surface.  

When working on your project away from home, a clipboard not only holds the cords, but gives you a firm surface.

Safety Tip: Make sure your work surface is clean and uncluttered. Keep food, drinks, and cigarettes away from the cords.

Keep in mind the fact that the cords used in Macrame are sometimes very long, and can injure pets and young children if they get tangled in them.

Try to put all your supplies in some kind of organizer that's easy to carry.

Project Board

You will need a Project Board to hold pins or tape.

You can use cardboard, Styrofoam, clipboards and bulletin boards.

Ceiling tiles and pieces of foam also work, as do firm pillows.



T-Pins or heavy sewing pins are used to secure the knots to the project board, so make sure you have plenty.

The Cross-Pin Technique shown here is a great way to secure delicate cords using pins, without passing them through the cords.


Rolls of Cellophane and/or Masking Tape are important, and should be added to your list of Macrame supplies.

Pins can damage certain types of material, so tape is often the next best option.
You can also use it on the tips of cords to prevent them from unraveling. 

Scissors and Pliers
  You will need a pair of small, sharp scissors.

I also recommend you get fine tip pliers, tweezers (or surgical clamps), especially if you are using beads or fine cords.

A ruler or measuring tape is also necessary for many Macrame projects.

You can attach a measuring tape to the front edge of  a desk or table. That way it’s readily available, and you can’t misplace it.

Glue is used for both preparing cords and finishing your projects. There are different kinds of crafting glue available, but fabric glue works the best.

Make sure the glue you use dries clear (not white).


Candle for Preparation  

A jar candle is another item you need if you are waxing the ends of the cords to prevent unraveling, rather than using glue.

See Cord Preparation for more details.


Safety Tip: The outside of Jar candles can become very hot, so place them on a potholder.

Don’t try to dip the ends of the cords in the melted wax with the candle burning. Blow out the flame first.


When making jewelry, beeswax will help condition and soften the cord materials. 

So having a stick on hand as part of your Macrame Supplies kit is recommended.

Fine Wire

When using beads, you may need pieces of fine wire to thread the cords through the holes. Most places that carry beads also carry wire suitable for threading. You can also use fine nylon cord to thread beads, if you don't have any wire available.

See Macrame Beads for more information.


Jewelry Supplies
 <<<  You will need 1mm - 2mm size cord materials for jewelry, along with beads, pendants
and clasps.

3mm - 6mm cord materials are required for regular Macrame projects.  >>>
Macrame Supplies


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