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Decorative Fasteners



Decorative fasteners are necessary if you are planning to make Micro-Macrame jewelry, or projects like belts and purses. A bracelet needs some type of clasp, as does a belt.

Some fasteners can be purchased in online stores that carry craft supplies. The Mermaid clasp shown above is an example of the unique clasps that are available, if you know where to look. 

A great place to find unique clasps is SHIPWRECK BEADS.

The information below tells you more about making your own custom fasteners by using buttons, beads, and decorative knots.

Button Fastener  

Loop Clasps

Buttons combined with loops make great decorative fasteners for jewelry and belts.

On one end is a shank style button, and the other end can have either a simple or knotted loop.



The best buttons for jewelry are 3/4-inch to 1-inch size.  The hole in the shank needs to be as large as possible.

The loop should be only slightly larger than the button, or the clasp won't hold.


The Buttonhole Clasp is a knotted loop made at one end of a necklace or bracelet.  It's usually made with Vertical Larks Head knots.

A button is attached at the other end.


The clasp for the Figure 8 Choker is a simple loop combined with a button.

Belt Clasp

Loop Clasps do not always need a button.

This Reversible Belt has two loops that the ENDS pass through to form the closure.

Knife Knot

The Knife Knot, also called the Diamond Knot or Knife Lanyard, can make a really nice loop clasp.

You create the knot with a loop at one end.  Then you make the bracelet, necklace, or belt. 

At the opposite end, make the knot again, but tighten it completely so it has no loop.

Bead Clasp

Bead Clasp

Beads can also be used to form decorative fasteners. The best way to make them is in the form of a sliding clasp.

This is the Square Knot Bracelet.

Bead Clasp

This image shows the clasp for the Natural Sandals

The ends were passed through the bead in opposite directions.

Then finishing knots were tied on the ends to prevent them from sliding out of the bead.

Macrame Cord Divider

Purse Straps


Purse handles can be purchased, but they are not as easy to use as a purse strap.

The best places to find handles designed for Macrame are EBAY and ETSY (online).  

They usually have a slot or bar that you attach the cords to.


Certain types of Macrame knots are ideal for handbags. Sometimes they are included as part of the purse pattern.  But if you are not using a pattern, you need to design one on your own.

Here are a few decorative knots you can try:

Larks Head

Alternating Larks Head Sennits can be used to make shoulder straps for purses.

It's best to attach the knots to a holding cord. This prevents the sennit from twisting.


Endless Falls

Endless Falls is another decorative knot that can be used for a purse handle.

It's easy to tie and is very slender, which is great if you are using it to make a small purse.



The Chain Sennit is also a slender type of knot suitable for purse straps.

It's tied with a single cord.


Braided designs can also be used for a purse strap or short handle.

The key is to tighten the design as much as possible, keeping it flat and the same width all the way through.

Go to the Learn Macrame section to view other types of knots that can be used to form decorative fasteners for handbags. 

Look in the section called "Braids and Bars".

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