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Endless Falls

Endless Falls

Description: Endless Falls is a knotting technique that's often taught in children's groups, such as Girl Scouts.

This Macrame knot can be used to make bracelets, straps, belts and more.

In Macrame for Kids you will find the Scout Bracelet, which features this decorative knot.

In the images below, the purple cord is color A, which is the primary color.

The second cord is silver (color B), which is seen along the sides of the sennit.


Endless calls can be found on the Fusion Knots website.

Click on this image or link to visit.

The video gallery contains tutorials for a variety of interesting combination knots.

  Fusion Knots
Step 1: Cut one cord, 30 inches long (color B). The working cord (color A) should be at least 60 inches long.
Two Folded Cords  

Fold the color A cord and place it in front of you, with the ends going left.

Fold color B in half, and place it on top, with the ends going right.


Reef Knot  

Move the ends of the color B cord through the folded area of the working cord, from below.

This is called a Reef Knot, and is a good technique for creating a loop at one end of the design.


Cross the Cords  

Turn the Reef Knot around, so the ends are vertical. Leave a 1-inch loop at the top (color B).

Make sure the color A cords are between color B.

Mentally number the ends 1 - 4 as shown.


Cross the Cords  

Step 2: Cross cords 1 and 4 (color B), left over right.

They should rest on top of the other two ends.


Bring Ends Between Cords  

Step 3: Bring the ends of cords 2 and 3 upward, passing them through the space between the same cords you are using (above the crossed area).

This will form two loops, which wrap around cords 1 and 4. Bring the ends straight down, between the two loops.


Step 4: Tighten the first knot by pulling on all four ends. Adjust the knot so it rests as close to the loop as possible. 

Make sure the color A cords are straight when you tighten the knot.

Tighten the Knot  

Begin again, crossing the color B cords left over right.  

Repeat steps 3 and 4.


Repeat the Process  

Step 5: Repeat steps 2 - 4 several more times, to complete the Endless Falls design.

Tighten each knot so it rests close to the one before it.


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