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 Alternating Endless Falls

Alternating Endless Falls

Description:   The Alternating Endless Falls technique is a combination of regular Endless Falls with two extra loops made by a second color.

The instructions below show how to make the sennit with a loop that can be used as a clasp. 

This decorative knot can be used to make Macrame belts, Paracord bracelets, dog collars and leashes, and many other projects.  

Because it's so thick, you can also use it for the long posts in plant hanger patterns, or for purse straps.

Side View

The alternating pattern shown at the top of the page is what the sennit looks like after you turn it over.

This is the side view showing the stitching made by the holding cord. 

Endless Falls

Beginners should practice the basic Endless Falls design before learning this variation.

Click on the link or image to view that page.

This decorative knot is an adaptation of the other Endless Falls variations on Fusion Knots.

Be sure to see the video gallery, where you will find tutorials for other interesting knots.

Click on the image or link

Fusion Knots

Preparation:  To practice Alternating Endless Falls, you need 3 cords at least 45 inches long.

When using this technique in a Macrame Project, the cords need to be at least 9 times the finished length you are planning to make.

Please read Cord Preparation if you plan to use Paracord, which is the material shown in the example.   The instructions for preparing it are near the bottom of the page.

In the example shown below, working cord A is yellow, working cord B is pink, and the holding cord is green.

Fold Cords

Step 1:  Fold working cord A in half and secure it to your board vertically.

Arrange the holding cord under it, making sure the centers line up and the cords are balanced.

Bring the two halves of the holding cord on top of the working cord, then cross them right over left.


Move both halves of the working cord backward, then pass them around the crossing point of the holding cord (over - under).  This results in two loops.

Pull them towards you, making sure they rest between the loops.  Tighten the knot slightly.

Cord B

Step 2:  Turn the knot over so the front is face up.

Fold working cord B in half and slide it under the horizontal segment made by the holding cord. 

It should rest on top of working cord A.


Pass cord B over the folded area of cord A, so it rests under it when you are finished.

Turn the knot back to it's original position. Tighten all three cords, starting with the holding cord.

Adjust the size of the folded area of cord A to 1-inch, if you need it for a clasp.

Move Cords

Step 3 :  Move both halves of cord A to the right and left.

Both halves of cord B should rest between them.

Designer's Tip:  Every time you begin a new set of loops for Alternating Endless Falls, you arrange both halves of the working cord that's currently on the OUTSIDE so they move to the inside, resting between the two halves of the other cord.

By doing this, the colors alternate (see step 5).

Wide Loop

Make a wide loop with the two halves of the holding cord, crossing right over left.

Arrange it so it rests on top of the other cords.

Cord A

Step 4:  Move both halves of cord B backward, passing over the central area of the holding cord.

Pull the cords forward, passing under the holding cord. 

Make sure they rest between the two halves of cord A when you are finished.

Cord A

Do the same thing with each half of cord A, making sure they remain to the left and right of cord B, both inside and outside the loop.

Click on this image to enlarge it so you can see the details more clearly.


Tighten the holding cord first, by pulling on both halves until all the slack is removed.

Then tighten cord B, followed by each half of cord A.


Step 5:  Start the next set of loops by moving both halves of cord A towards each other, so they rest between the two halves of cord B.

This will cause the colors to shift, which is an important part of Alternating Endless Falls.


Make the wide loop with the two halves of the holding cord, crossing right over left.


Step 6:  Repeat step 4 starting with cord A. Keep the loops between cord B at all times.

Then make the loops with cord B, placing them to the right and left of cord A.

Tighten the holding cord first, followed by cord A and then cord B.


Step 7:  Repeat steps 3 - 6 several times, to continue making the Alternating Endless Falls sennit.

Remember to always begin by switching the working cords so the colors alternate (steps 3 and 5).


The best way to finish the sennit is to tie a Square Knot with the working cords resting furthest to the left and right.  The other cords are the fillers.

Turn Over

To see the front of the sennit, turn it over. 

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