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Reversible Belt

Reversible Belt
Description:  The Reversible Belt features a decorative knot called the Link Weave.  That's its name here in Free Macrame Patterns. 

This interesting bar is flat and wide, so you can make this Macrame belt any width. In the example, the knots were tightened completely, and the belt turned out to be slightly less than 1 inch wide.

On the front, one color stands out, in this case turquoise (color B)

On the back it's the opposite color, which is black in the example (color A).

There is a loop at the top, where the two ends will pass through to form the closure.  You can add a button or bead if you wish.

This Macrame project is easy to make, but people new to this craft should practice the knots before getting started.

Note:  The cord measurements cannot be precise in this design, so you may have material left over.

The primary knot used in this pattern is found on the Fusion Knot website, under the name KBK Bar.

Click on the link or image to visit the site.

View the Video Gallery if you wish to explore the various tutorials offered. 

Fusion Knots

Supplies Needed:
  • 3mm to 4mm Cord Material (10 yards of each color)
  • Project Board, pins and tape
  • Beads for Fringe (optional)
Knots Used:

Preparation:  Cut 2 cords, each 10 yards long. For a belt over 45 inches, cut the cords longer. 

Apply tape to the ends to prevent unraveling.

Two Cords

Secure each cord 3 yards from one end.  The remaining 7 yards should be at the top, rolled up.

Mentally number the long working cords A and B.

Macrame Cord Divider


 Sailor Knot Instructions

First Loop

Step 1:  Make a counter-clockwise loop with the cord on the left (A)

Be sure you use the 3-yard portion of the cord.

The end should pass under the secured portion to make the crossing point.

Second Loop

Step 2:  Move the 3-yard portion of the second cord (color B) in a clockwise direction, over the first loop.

Bring it under the end, and over the segment near the pins, at the top.

Complete Second Loop

Step 3:  To complete the second loop, use cord B again.  Weave it under - over - under the three segments of the first loop. 

Tighten and balance the knot, leaving a small space in the center of it (see next photo).


Link Weave Design

Step 1: To start the Link Weave design for your Reversible Belt, bring the long portion down, so they rest on the outside of the short portions. 

Arrange the cords

Mentally label the short portions of the cords 1 and 2.

The long portions are the working cords, and will be used to make the weave (A and B).

Wrapping Long Cords

Roll up the working cords to make them easier to work with:

Wrap Cord

Wrap End

Wrap Cord Around Hand Several Times
Remove Roll.  Wrap End Around Middle.
Tuck End Under Last Coil to Secure

Use Color 2

Step 2:  Move working cord B to the left, under the short portions (1 - 2) 

Pass it over the left working cord (A).

The cord should be horizontal and straight.

Use Color A

Step 3:  Bring working cord A over cord 1, and under the horizontal portion of working cord B

Pass it over cord 2, further up, and under cord B again, on the far right.

Important:  Make sure the cords for the Reversible Belt are spread widely on the project board. 

You need to be able to move the rolled cord through, and keeping everything wide and open will make things easier. 


Step 4:  Tighten the knot slowly, pulling the short segments down (1 and 2), so they have tension.

Hold those two cords in one hand (or secure them), while tightening the working cords with the other hand. 

Design Tip:  You can tighten the weave for the Reversible Belt all the way, or leave it a little loose.  

Just make sure you are consistent all the way through.

Start Second Knot

Step 5:  The over-under pattern for the second knot is the opposite of the first.

Use working cord A, which is now on the right.  Pass it over cords 1 and 2.

Bring it under working cord B on the far left.

Use Color B

Step 6: Bring working cord B under cord 1, and over the horizontal portion of cord A

Pass it under cord 2 further up, and over cord A on the far right.

The cords are back to their original positions.  Tighten the knot as you did the previous one.


Step 7:  Repeat Steps 2 - 7 until the Reversible Belt is the size you need.  

Macrame Cord Divider

Finishing Touches

Finish with a SK

Arrange the two color B cords, so they are next to each other (fillers), with color A on either side.

Tie a tight Square Knot with the color A cords.  Apply glue if you wish, and trim the ends so they are the same length.

Ends Thru Sailor Knot

The ends for the Reversible Belt will pass through the  Sailor knot at the opposite end, as described below.

You can attach a button or bead instead, if you want to change the closure.

Pass Ends Through

Pass one cord of each color through the opening in the Sailor knot (from the top). 

Tie an Overhand knot with all four cords, when you want to secure the belt.

You can add beads or other knots at the tips, to decorate them and prevent unraveling.

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