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Bush Bar

Bush Bar
<< Closely Woven

Open Design >>
Bush Bar Design


Description: The Bush Bar is a unique decorative knot suitable for many Macrame projects.  Kids will find this knot easy to tie, so it can be used for a craft party or a school art project.

You can use it to make Macrame bracelets and chokers, as well as belts, straps for purses, and more. 

You can tie it closely woven, as in the image above, on the left.  You can also tie it so there is space between the knots, forming an open design.

Click on the link to see a Bush Bar Bracelet featuring this interesting knotting technique.


I found the Bush Bar on the Fusion Knots website, in the video gallery, which contains tutorials for a variety of very unique and appealing designs.

The author, JD Lenzen, also has several books, so be sure to visit his website by clicking on the link or image.

  Fusion Knots
Large Loop
  Step 1:  To practice, cut 1 cord, at least 60 inches long. 

Secure the center of the cord at the bottom of your board.  Make a large loop, crossing right over left. Secure it at the crossing point (top).

The loop should be the size you want the Bush Bar to be when it is finished.

Left End

Step 2:  Move the left end, which is now on the right, towards the left. 

Pass it under the large loop.


Right End

Step 3:  Move the right end, which is now on the left, under the left end.

Pass it over the left side of the large loop, and under the horizontal portion of the left end (center). 

Bring it over the right side of the loop and under the segment of the left end near the top right.

Another way to look at this important step is to pass the right end under three parts of the left end: At the left, middle and right areas of the knot.

Pass it over both sides of the large loop.

  Step 4: Tighten the first knot by pulling on the ends.

You now need to decide whether you want an open design with space between the knots, or a closely woven pattern.

The remaining knots are tied moving towards the fold of the large loop (top to bottom).
<< Repeat steps 2 and 3.

Pull down on the bottom of the loop, so there's tension

Tighten the second knot so it's around 1/4 to 1/2-inch below
the first knot.  >>
Open Weave

Close Weave

For a tighter weave, go back and tighten the first knot all the way.  It will be smaller than the others, causing the end to be rounded.

As you tighten the new knots, push them upward after pulling on the ends firmly.  You may need to pull down on the loop to make the knots slide up more easily.

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