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Bush Bar Bracelet

Bush Bar Bracelet

Description: The Bush Bar Bracelet is a very easy Macrame project suitable for beginners and kids.

This design features just one knot -- the Bush Bar.  

The knots can be arranged in three ways, with any amount of space between the knots.  (See step 7)

I used 3mm nylon Paracord to make the Macrame bracelets shown, but you can use just about any type of material. 

When using Paracord, remember that you need to melt the tips with a flame to prevent the inner core from sliding out.


Supplies Needed:
  • 1mm to 3mm cord material
  • One shank style button
  • Project Board and Pins
  • Fabric glue


You will need one cord, 70 inches long, to make a bracelet up to 6 inches.  For other sizes, multiply the length you need x 12. 

Cut the cord longer if you plan to push the knots together to form a tight weave.

Step 1:  Fold the cord in half, matching the ends. Slide one end of the cord through the shank of the button, and position it at the center for now.

You can also use a bead to form the clasp for your Bush Bar Bracelet. 

  Make a large loop, crossing right over left.  The crossed area should be at the top.

The loop should be the size you want the bracelet to be when it's finished.

Move Button

Step 2: Slide the button up to the crossed area at the top. Keep the pin in place for now.

Secure the lower end of the loop, pulling it so there is tension.


Left End

Step 3: Curve the left end, which is now on the right, towards the left.

It should pass under both parts of the loop and rest horizontally.


Right End

Step 4: Move the right end, which is now on the left, under the left end.

Pass it over the left side of the loop, under the portion of the left end in the center, and over the right side of the loop.    On the right, bring it over the left end, just above the curve.


Here is another way to look at the weaving process for the Bush Bar Bracelet:

Pass the right end under the left end in three areas:  Left, center and right.

Pass it over the two parts of the loop. 


Step 5: Tighten the first knot firmly, so it surrounds the shank of the button. 

Unless the button is small, this knot won't easily be seen.


Next Knot

Step 6: Repeat steps 3 and 4 to make the next knot.   The cord on the right passes under the loop horizontally.

The cord on the left weaves under the right end in the three areas shown, and over both parts of the loop.


Design Tip:  At this point, don't focus on which end was originally right versus left.  Just start with the end currently on the right, followed by the left.

Step 7:  There are three spacing options for the Bush Bar Bracelet (below).

Repeat step 6, creating the spacing you prefer, until the design is the size you need. You should be close to the bottom of the loop when you stop.

Space Between
Each Knot

Two Knots, a Space,
Two Knots

Knots Next to
Each Other

Spacing A

Spacing B

Spacing C



Step 8:  The remaining portion of the loop needs to fit around the button, so check that it's the right size.

The are other ways to finish the bracelet, but I found the method below to be the easiest:


Step 9: Flip the bracelet over, so you are working in the back.  Fold the ends to the back and place them side-by-side as shown. 

Apply fabric glue under the ends and use a clip to hold them against the knots.  When the glue is dry, cut off the excess material. 

For Paracord, heat the tips to melt the fibers.

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