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River Bar

River Bar

Description: The River Bar is an interesting way to create a firmly woven band that can be used as a Macrame bracelet or belt. 

Paracord bracelets are very popular, and this decorative knot is a perfect choice if you are making one.

This knot is easy to tie, which is why I created a kid's bracelet pattern using this technique.

It's called the River Bracelet, and is a good project for beginners of all ages.


I found this knot the Fusion Knots website.

Click on the image or link to visit.

View the video gallery, which contains tutorials for a variety of very unique and appealing designs.

  Fusion Knots

Step 1: To practice, cut two cords, each at least 36 inches long (two colors).

When making a bracelet or belt, multiply the finished length by 6, and cut the cords to that size.

Be sure to melt the ends with heat if using Paracord, so the inner fibers do not slip out of the outer nylon cover.

Color A = Purple     Color B = Silver


Fold 2 Cords  

Make a Reef Knot first, to create a loop and connect the two cords.

To do this, fold the two cords in half, and lay them on your board as shown. Color B should rest on top.


Reef Knot  

Step 2: Bring the ends of color B through the folded area of the color A cord.

The ends will be heading in opposite directions.


Color A on Inside  

Step 3: Turn the Reef Knot around so all four ends are vertical.

The ends of color A should be on the inside (2 - 3).

Leave a loop at the top, which can be used as a clasp.


Path of Cord 3  

Step 4: Mentally number the four segments as if they were four cords.

Make a counter-clockwise loop by moving cord 3 over cord 4, and then under it further up.

Bring it under cords 3 and 2 in the center, and over cord 1 on the left.


Path of Cord 2  

Step 5: Make a clockwise loop, by moving cord 2 over cord 1, and under the end of cord 3 on the left.

Higher up, bring the end under cords 1 - 3, and over cord 4, as you pull it to the right.


Tighten the first knot by holding cords 1 and 4 steady as you pull on cords 2 and 3.

Cords 1 and 4 are now in the center and will be used to tie the second knot for the River Bar.


Path of Cord 4  

Step 6: The right loop is made by cord 4 in a counter-clockwise direction: 

Bring it over and then under cord 2 further up.

Pass it under cords 1 and 4 in the center, and over cord 3 on the left.


Path of Cord 1  

Step 7:  The loop on the left is clockwise

Bring cord 1 over cord 3, and under the end of cord 4.

Pass it under cords 3, 1, and 4, and over cord 2 as you pull it right.


Repeat Steps 4 - 7  

Step 8: Repeat steps 4 - 7 several times, until the River Bar is the size you need for your Macrame project.


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Have any comments about the River Bar? Contact Me.


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