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River Bracelet

River Bracelet

Description: The River Bracelet features a unique knot called the River Bar.

The clasp is a simple knot and loop design, but can be changed if you want something different.

I recommend you use two colors to produce the ripple effect shown in the example. 

Try creating this Macrame bracelet with Paracord or Satin, since both materials feel good against the skin. For a more natural material, cotton is a good choice.

This is a great Macrame project for kids as well as beginners. Young children might need some help until they learn the knot.

Make sure you use a Project Board and pins.

In the example shown, color A is purpleColor B is silver.


I found this knot the Fusion Knots website.

Click on the image or link to visit.

View the video gallery, which contains tutorials for a variety of very unique and appealing designs that can be used for bracelets and similar projects.

  Fusion Knots


Step 1: Measure your wrist to determine the size you need.

Multiply your wrist size by 6, and then add 6 inches.  Cut two cords to that size (one of each color).

An Adult should melt the ends with a flame if using Paracord, so the inner fibers do not slip out of the outer nylon cover.

To create a loop and connect the two cords, you need to make a Reef Knot.

Here are the instructions:

Fold 2 Cords  

Fold the color A cord in half and place it on your board with the ends heading left.

Fold the color B cord, and place it on top, with the ends going right.


Reef Knot  

Step 2: Bring the ends of the color B cord through the folded area of the other cord, from below.

The ends should be still be heading in opposite directions when you are through.


Color A on Inside  

Step 3: To form the loop, turn the Reef Knot around so all four ends are heading downward. Secure the color A cord to your board, at the fold.

Pull down on both ends of the color B cord, so it tightens around the loop. Adjust the loop until it's approximately 1-inch in size.


River Bar Instructions

Path of Cord 3  

Step 4: Mentally number the four cords (left to right).

Move cord 3 over cord 4, and then under it further up, forming a counter-clockwise loop on the right.

Bring it under cords 3 and 2 in the center, and over cord 1 on the left.


Path of Cord 2  

Step 5: Bring cord 2 over cord 1, and under the end of cord 3, to make a clockwise loop on the left.

Higher up, bring the end under cords 1 - 3, and over cord 4, as you pull it to the right.


Tighten the first knot by holding cords 1 and 4 steady as you pull on cords 2 and 3.

Cords 1 and 4 are now in the center and will be used to tie the second knot for the River Bracelet.


Path of Cord 4  

Step 6: Bring cord 4 over cord 2 , to start the counter-clockwise loop on the right.

Bring it under cord 2 further up.

Pass it under cords 1 and 4 in the center, and over cord 3 on the left.


Path of Cord 1  

Step 7: To make the clockwise loop on the left, move cord 1 over cord 3, and under the end of cord 4.

Pass it under cords 3, 1, and 4, and over cord 2 as you bring it right.

Tighten the second knot.


Repeat Steps 4 - 7  

Step 8: Repeat steps 4 - 7 several times, until the River Bracelet is the 1-inch less than the size you need.

So if you want a 7-inch bracelet, stop at 6 inches.


Finishing Touches

Step 9: Move what's left of the two color A cords to the back of the River Bracelet, after trimming them to 2 inches. 

Work them under the back of the knots and apply glue to hold them in place. Melt the ends with heat if you are using Paracord.

Detail of Clasp  

Tie an Overhand Knot with the remaining two cords.

Apply glue as you tighten it.  Cut off the excess material close to the knot when the glue is dry.

Another option would be to use a button, bead, or a different knot.


River Bracelet  

To secure the River bracelet to your wrist, pass the knot through the loop at the other end.


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