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Glow Owl

Glow Owl

Description:  The Glow Owl is a Micro-Macrame necklace that features beads along the edges of the owl pendant. 

The necklace is a simple chain, and there is a sliding bead clasp as well.

This is a great project for Halloween.  Try using beads that glow in the dark, or have an Aurora Borealis (AB) finish. 

Craft stores that carry a wide selection of beads will usually have these types, along with bright neon beads.

This Macrame pattern is rated Easy, since few knots are used in the design.   So this owl necklace is a suitable project for beginners and older children just learning this craft.

Hemp cord was used in the example shown, and the round beads were white with a finish that glows in bright light.

Color A = Black            Color B = Green

Supplies Needed:
  • 1mm cord material (color A = 6 yards   color B = 12 yards)
  • 32 beads (6mm) with holes 1 - 2mm
  • 3 beads (10mm) with holes 2 - 3mm
  • Project Board and pins
  • Glue that dries clear
Knots Used:

Preparation and Mounting

Cut the cords as follows:
  • Color A -- cut 6 cords, each 1-yard long (36 inches)
  • Color B -- cut 2 cords, each 3 yards long (for necklace chain)
  • Color B -- cut 6 cords, each 1-yard long (36 inches)

Prepare the cords by applying glue to the tips. 

Fold the Cord

Secure the 3-yard necklace cords horizontally on your board, so the center is in front of you.

Fold one of the 1-yard color B cords in half, and slide it under the necklace cords (vertically).

Larks Head Knot

Bring the ends down, passing over the necklace cords, and under the folded portion.

This is a Larks Head knot.


Repeat the process with the other 1-yard cords, placing them as follows:

2 color B - 3 color A - 2 color B - 3 color A - 2 color B

Design Tip:  The most important part of the color arrangement is the first and last two cords. Those need to be color B

It's OK to change the arrangement of the other cords.  Try creating the Glow Owl as shown, then make a second one with a different arrangement.


The Head


The head and body for the Glow Owl is made entirely of Square Knots (SK).

It's very important that you can tie them in both directions.

Below are the four steps to making right SK, which are on the right side of the owl design.

Step 1: Mentally number the cords 1 - 24. 

Use color B cords 21 - 24 for the right side of the head.

The working cords are 21 and 24, and cords 22 - 23 are the fillers.

Step A
 Slide a 6mm bead onto cord 24.

<< Step A:  Move cord 24 to the left, going over the fillers and under cord 21.

Step B:  Bring cord 21 under the fillers and over cord 24 .  >>
Step B

Step C
 The working cords have now switched places. 

<< Step C:  Move cord 24 to the right, over the fillers and under cord 21.

Step D:  Bring cord 21 under the fillers and over cord 24.  >>

Step D

Repeat steps A - D, adding a total of 6 beads, followed by SK. 

Make sure you add the beads to cord 24.

Step 2:  Repeat step 1, using color B cords 1 - 4 to make the left side of the head for your Glow Owl.

These SK are tied with steps C and D first, followed by steps A and B.   This will result in a left SK.

(See design tip below)

Add the bead to cord 1 each time.  The working cords are 1 and 4.  The fillers are cords 2 - 3. 

Design Tip:  The rule for tying Square Knots is that they will face the same direction as the first cord moved

So in step 2, the first cord you should move is cord 1, since it's on the left. The head of the knot will face left.  


Use cords 11 - 14, in the center of the Glow Owl head design. 

Tie a chain of 12 SK using cords 11 and 14 as the working cords.

This is used for the beak, so tighten the knots firmly.

Step 3:   Now you will tie a double SK with cords 5 - 10 (color A).

That means you use four working cords instead of 2:

Double SK

On the left, the working cords are 5 - 6.  On the right, use 9 - 10.  The fillers are 7 - 8.

Tie a Left SK (as in step 1).  Tighten it firmly, so it rests against the Larks Head knots.

Left Eye

Add a 10mm bead for the eye, placing it on the filler cords (7 - 8).

Tie another left double SK below the bead, using the same working cords as the first knot you just tied.

Tighten both halves of the SK firmly, so the bead can't move.  The working cords will wrap around the bead. 

Step 4:  Repeat step 3, using cords 15 - 20 for the right eye.

The knots above and below the bead should be right SK. 

The working cords are 15 - 16 and 19 - 20. 

Place the bead on cord 17 - 18, which are the fillers.

Right Eye

Locate cords 9 - 12. Two cords come from the left eye (color A) and two are from the beak (color B).

Tie a left SK using cords 9 and 12. The fillers are cords 10 - 11.   Tighten it so it rests next to the SK under the left eye.  This will cause the beak to fold.

Right Eye

Locate cords 13 - 16. Two color B cords from the beak will combine with two color A cords from the right eye.

Tie a right SK.  Tighten it so it rests just below the SK under the right eye.


Step 4, continued:  Fold and bend the beak until it's the shape similar to the Glow Owl image at the top of the page.

Bottom of Head

Step 5:  Now you will tie a double SK using cords 1 - 2 and 23 - 24 as the working cords.

All the remaining cords are the fillers.

Tighten this large SK firmly, to hold the bundle of filler cords together.  Pull on each filler cord, to eliminate any slack above the knot.


The Body


The inner portion for the body of the Glow Owl is made with rows of Square Knots, where you change the cords used each time. 

The outer edges of the body are the same technique as the head (with beads).

There are two working cords used to tie each knot, and two fillers between them. 

For these instructions, I will only indicate which four cords are used to tie each knot, and the direction.    

Use the Square Knot instructions for steps 1 and 2, if you need a guide.

Beads and Knots

Step 6:  On the left, use cords 1 - 4 to tie a series of  left SK.

Attach 8 beads onto cord 1, with a SK between each bead. (See step 2)

Do the same on the right, using cords 21 - 24 to tie right SK.  Attach the beads to cord 24. (See step 1).

Step 7:  For the inner portion, you will tie the SK in horizontal rows.  Each row will have a different number of knots, so pay close attention to the following details.


Row 1:  Use cords 11 - 14 to tie a left SK, after you apply beads to the working cords (11 and 14).

Tighten it firmly, so it rests at the very top of the Glow Owl's body. 

Second Row

Row 2:  Use cords 9 - 12 to tie left SK.

Use cords 13 - 16 to tie right SK.

Tighten both SK firmly, so they rest just below the single knot tied in row 1, with no gaps.

Row 3

Row 3:  Tie the ASK as follows:
  • Cords 7 - 10 (left SK)
  • Cords 11 - 14 (left SK)
  • Cords 15 - 18 (right SK)

Design Tip:  The knots running down the middle of the Glow Owl body can be tied in either direction, but you need to be consistent

The heads are facing left in the example, but that can be changed.

Row 4:  Tie the next row of ASK as follows:

Row 4

  • Cords 5 - 8 (left SK)
  • Cords 9 - 12 (left SK)
  • Cords 13 - 16 (right SK)
  • Cords 17 - 20 (right SK)

Row 5

Row 5:  Tie the ASK as follows:
  • Cords 7 - 10 (left SK)
  • Cords 11- 14 (left SK )
  • Cords 15 - 18 (right SK).

Row 6:  The ASK are tied in the following groups:

Row 6

  • Cords 5 - 8 (left SK )
  • Cords 9 - 12 (left SK)
  • Cords 13 - 16 (right SK)
  • Cords 17 - 20 (right SK)

Final Knot

Row 7:  Repeat row 5

Row 8:  Repeat row 2

Row 9: 
Add beads to cords 11 and 14. 

Tie the last SK with cords 11 - 14 (left SK).

Large SK

Step 8: Use cords 1 - 2 on the left, and 23 - 24 on the right to tie a large SK.  The remaining cords are the fillers.  Tighten the knot firmly.

This is the same as step 5.

Step 8, continued:   Pull down on each filler to remove as much slack as possible. 

The beaded areas on each side should follow the curve of the SK pattern you just made.

(See the image at the top of the page).

Step 9:  Tie a second SK below the one you just tied, applying glue as you tighten it (so it's inside).


Turn over the Glow Owl, so you work in the back.  Tie a very tight Overhand Knot with cords 1 and 24, applying glue while tightening.  

Do the same with cords 2 and 23.  When the glue dries, cut off the excess material.

Trim the remaining cords so they are even, to form the fringe.  Apply glue to the tips to prevent fraying.

Macrame Cord Divider

Necklace Chain


The necklace portion of the Glow Owl is made with a simple Alternating Half Hitch design.

Here are some options if you want to use a different knot:

Endless Falls

Chain Sennit

Zipper Sennit

Round Braid
Endless Falls
Chain Sennit
Zipper Sennit
Round Braid

For the Round Braid and Endless falls, just follow the instructions on the page.

For the Chain or Zipper sennits, you will use two cords acting together.

Half Hitch

Secure the Glow Owl pendant to your board as shown.  Arrange the two necklace cords side-by-side.

Use the one on the right to tie a clockwise Half Hitch.

Do this by passing it over - under the left cord, and over the right cord, as you pull it to the right.

Second Knot

Use the left cord to tie the next Half Hitch onto the right cord, rotating counter-clockwise.

This knot is tied the same as the first knot.

Alternate back and forth between the two cords, and stop when the chain measures 1 - 2 inches long.


(Optional)  Add a bead onto the next cord you will be using to tie the knot, and then tie the Half Hitch with that cord.  

Continue on for 1 - 2 inches, and add another bead, but to the opposite cord. The beads will face opposite directions.

Continue on, tying short chains of knots followed by beads, until the first half of the Glow Owl necklace is the size you want.

For Adults, that's usually 10 to 12 inches for each half.  Hold the pendant on your chest and see if the end of the chain reaches your spine. Tie more knots if necessary.

Second Half

Turn the pendant around so you use the other half of the necklace cords.

Before tying the chain, push the mounting knots as close together as possible (top edge of Glow Owl).


Tie the chain as you did the first half.  Arrange it so the beads line up when the two chains rest side-by-side.

To keep the beads looking neat, they should be placed facing either inward or outward as shown. 


Finishing Touches + Bead Clasp

Overhand Knot

To finish each end of the Glow Owl necklace, tie a tight Overhand knot with the two ends. 

Apply glue to the cords before tightening the knot, so it's on the inside.

Left cords
<< Pass the two ends from the left chain through a 10mm bead from left to right.

Pass the ends from the right chain through from right to left.   >>
Right cords

Pull on the ends to close the Glow Owl Necklace. 

Leave 4 to 10 inches of space, just enough to allow you to expand the necklace to fit over your head. 


Using two cords together, tie a Barrel knot (or other finishing knot). Apply glue as you tighten it. 

Do the same with the other two cords.  When the glue is dry, cut off the excess material.

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