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Round Braid

Round Braid
  Cross Braid

Round Braid


Cross Braid


Description: The Round Braid is an interesting decorative knot you can use to make Paracord bracelets, belts, and other narrow items.

You can also use this knot to make Macrame rings and necklaces, by using fine materials.

This knot is easy to tie, so is a good project for children's group activities.

Click here to see the Braid Bracelet, which features this knot.

The Cross Braid is also on this page. It's a very similar knotting technique, but there is a holding cord, which makes the sennit wider and more flat. So it's a really nice option for a belt design.

You should use a project board and pins when you practice both variations.


I found the Round Braid on the Fusion Knots website.

Click on the link or image to visit.

The Video Gallery contains tutorials for a variety of very unique and appealing knot designs.

  Fusion Knots


Round Braid


Step 1: You need two cords, each at least 40 inches long.

Cross Right Over Left  

Mentally label the first cord, Color A (green).

Make a loop in the center, crossing right over left.

Pass the other cord (Color B - yellow) through the loop, matching the centers.

Back Over Front  

Step 2: Move the Color B cord down, so it's next to the crossing point of the first loop.

Bring the left half of the cord in front of the crossed area of Color A. Bring the right half to the back of the crossed area.

Cross the two ends right over left (back over front).



Design Tip:  Both cords are crossed right over left, but Color B is sideways, so it's also considered back over front.


Right Over Left  

Step 3: Move the end of Color A that's now on the left under the left half of Color B.

Move the right end over the right half of Color B.

Cross the ends of Color A right over left. Pull on all four ends to tighten the loops.


Back Over Front  

Step 4: The end of Color B that is now on the left goes in front of the crossed area for the other cord.

The right end goes behind the crossed area.

Cross the back segment over the front to complete the loop (same as right over left).


Repeat steps 3 and 4, until the Round braid is the size you want.


Square Knot Finish   Step 5: Depending on what you are making with the Round Braid, you may need to finish it with another type of knot.

The Square Knot is a good option to secure the braid.

Macrame Cord Divider

Cross Braid

Five Cords  

Step 1: You need 4 working cords and 1 holding cord for the Cross Braid. Secure the cords to your board at the center. You will be working from the center towards one end.

Mentally label the working cords 1 - 4 as shown.


Use Cord 4  

Step 2: Move working cord 4 horizontally, to the left.

Pass under - over - under - over the other four cords, as shown.


Use Cord 1  

Step 3:  Move working cord 1 under cord 2, over the holding cord and under cord 3, as you move it to the right.

Detail of Tightened Knot   Tighten the braid slightly by pulling on cords 1 and 4, so they cross in the center.

The crossing point should be positioned on top of the holding cord.

Cross 2 Over 3  

Step 4: Bring cords 2 and 3 under the holding cord.

Cross cord 2 over 3.

Tighten the first knot by pulling on all four ends. It should rest as close to the center as possible.


Repeat Steps 2 and 3  

Step 5: The four cords have now switched places, so mentally re-number them.

Repeat steps 2 and 3.

Remember that you move the cords furthest to the right and left (1 and 4).


Repeat Step 4  

Step 6: Repeat step 4 by moving cords 2 and 3 down and under the holding cord.

Cross the cords left over right.


Design Tip: The key to making this type of Round Braid is to make sure the outer two cords (1 and 4) pass over the holding cord.

The other two working cords pass under it.

First Half Completed  

Make several more knots, until the design measures half the size of what you are making.

So for an 8-inch bracelet, you would stop at 4 inches.


Repeat Steps 2 - 6  

Step 7: Turn the design around.

Repeat steps 2 - 6, starting at the center, and moving toward the other end.

Stop when the second half is the same size as the first.


Tie a Square Knot  

Step 8: To finish each end of the braid, tie a Square Knot using cords 1 and 4, around the other three, which are fillers.


Close Up View   This is a closer view of the Cross Braid design.

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