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 Pacifier Strap

Pacifier Strap

Description:   The Pacifier Strap is a Macrame design featuring the Bush Bar technique. The closure is a Square Knot Button with a Buttonhole clasp. 

The pacifier can be easily removed and/or replaced.  The cords are permanently mounted to the clip.

The material used in the example is 2mm Cotton Crochet cord.

Make sure you DO NOT use a button or bead for the closure, since they are choking hazards.

This Macrame Pattern is rated Easy, but you should practice all the knots before you get started.

Supplies Needed:
  • 2mm cord material (amount depends on size, see below)
  • One pacifier with handle
  • One suspender style clip
  • Project Board, pins and tape
  • Non-toxic glue
  • Measuring Tape

Knots Used:

Preparation:  Cut 4 cords, each 15 x the finished length of the strap.   So for a 5-inch strap, you need 75 inches.  

When measuring, the strap is the distance between the bar on the clip and the pacifier's handle.  You will have enough material for the closure of the Pacifier Strap without adding extra.

Prepare the ends with Overhand knots or glue.
Step 1
Fold Cord
Mount the cords to the bar of the clip with Larks Head knots:

<< Fold the cord in half and place it under the bar, facing forward.

Bring the ends over the bar and under the folded area.  >>
Larks Head Knot

Step 2:  Mentally number the cords 1 - 8.  Use cords 1 and 8 to tie a Square Knot around 2 - 7 (fillers).  

Here's a reminder of the steps:

First Half
<< First Half:  Cord 1 goes over the fillers and under cord 8.

<< Cord 8 goes under the fillers and over cord 1.

Second Half:  Repeat, but  reverse the direction, since the working cords are switched.  >>
Second Half

Set D

Step 3: Divide the cords into 4 sets of two.  Mentally number them A - D.

Secure sets B and C lower down, so they have tension.

Curve set D to the left, under sets B and C and over set A.  Keep the cords neatly arranged.

Set A

Move set A over set B and under the portion of set D that's between the secured cords.  

Pass over set C and under set D where it curves on the right.


Tighten the knot firmly so it's neat.  The remaining knots for the Bush Bar can be tied a little looser if you want the band to be more flexible.

Repeat step 3
several more times until the Pacifier Strap is the length you want.


First SK

Step 4:  Start the Square Knot Button by tying one SK with cords 1 and 8, around the other six (fillers).


Leave a 1/4-inch space, and then tie 4 SK.

Ends Through Space

Step 5:  Pass half the cords through one 1/8-inch space, in the area between the working cord and the fillers.

Do the same with the remaining cords, passing them through the space near the other working cord.

(See next photo)

Here's a close view of the spaces.

 You pass the cords through the area between the working cords (on the outside) and the five fillers.

Close Up View

Button Knot

Roll the 4 SK into a button shape, and pull the cords downward

Select the two longest cords on each side. They will be used for the remainder of the Pacifier Strap. 

Use them to tie a SK around the other 6 cords.

Start Bush Bar

Step 6:  Separate the cords into 4 sets of two.  The long cords should be in 1 and 8 positions. 

Repeat Step 3, creating a 1.5 to 2-inch area with the Bush Bar.

This portion wraps around the handle of the pacifier. 

Square Knot

When the band is finished, tie a Square Knot using the cords numbered 1 and 8.

Step 7:  Now you will make a Buttonhole design for the Pacifier Strap. The Button Knot fits through it to form the clasp.  This allows you to change the pacifier as needed.

Mentally number the cords.  Use cord 8 to tie five Larks Head knots, rotating clockwise (see images below).

Cords 5 - 7 are the core, and hold the knots.

The images below show the two steps for the Larks Head knot:

First Loop
<<  Pass cord 8 over - under cords 5 - 7.  As you pull it right, pass over cord 8.

For the second loop, pass cord 8 under - over 5 - 7, and over cord 8 as you pull it right.  >>
Second Loop

Left Half

Step 8:  Repeat step 7 on the left, using cord 1.  The knots are tied around cords 2 - 4.

The loops are made counter-clockwise.

Make sure the loop fits around the button snugly. You can tie one more knot if necessary (each half). 

Finish Clasp

Close the clasp for the Pacifier Strap by tying a tight Square Knot with cords 1 and 8, around the others.

The clasp will be turned over when it's secured around the handle. So the part face up is actually the back of the clasp.  Keep this in mind when you finish off the cords in the next step.

Tie off Cords

Step 9: Move cords 1 and 8 out of the way. 

Divide the remainder into sets of two.  Tie off each set with Overhand knots. 

Apply glue while tightening.

Bend Cords

Bend cords 2 - 7 back towards the band.  Do Not Turn Over the Pacifier Strap.  Remember that the back is face up, which is where these cords need to rest.

Use cords 1 and 8 to tie a tight Barrel Knot. Make sure it rests on top of the bent cords, to hold them in place. Apply glue while tightening.


Step 10:  Cut off the excess material completely, applying more glue as needed.


Attach the band to the Pacifier Strap, folding the short segment around the handle.

The button goes through the clasp to secure it.

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