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Square Knot Button

Square Knot Button

Description: The Square Knot Button is a vintage knot rarely seen in modern Macrame patterns. These decorative knots were very popular in Macrame designs created in the 1970’s.

This particular type of button knot is easy to make, and is often used to create heads for dolls and animals.  It's can be used to decorate just about anything, including wall hangings, plant hangers, and purses.

Make sure you know how to tie Square Knots before you try practicing this design.

Important: These knots require more material than flat designs, since the cords are folded to form the button.

Keep that in mind if you create your own designs, and cut the cords at least 8 inches longer than usual (for each button).

3 SK

Step 1:  Cut 4 cords, each at least 30 inches long.  Secure them to your board vertically.

Tie a short sennit of three Square Knots, with two working cords and two fillers. 


Step 2:  Move down at least 1/4-inch to leave a space, then tie three more Square knots. 

(see information below)


Designer's Tip 1: The size of the space depends on the thickness of the material you are using.  Two cords needs to be able to fit through each opening, but you need to make sure there's not too much space.

  • For 6mm material, the space should be around 1/2-inch.
  • For 4mm material, a 1/4-inch space is usually enough.

Designer's Tip 2:
  The height of the button is determined by how many knots you tie AFTER the space (second set of SK).
Most Macrame patterns will tell you how many knots to tie, but you may need to experiment.  Start with 3 SK, and make adjustments after you see the size of the button (step 5).


Step 3:  Mentally number the four cords. Turn the sennit sideways, so the first SK is on the left.

Move cords 3 and 4 backwards towards the space you left in step 2.

Pass them through the opening at the top, above the fillers that run through the center.


Step 4:  Move cords 1 and 2 to the space, and pass them through the lower opening.

Turn the Square Knot Button so it's vertical again.


Step 5:  Pull the ends of all 4 cords downward, while rolling the second set of SK into the button shape.

Tie one SK below the button, tightening it firmly. 

Then tie 2 more knots, since the Square Knot Button looks better if there are knots before and after.

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