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Far Away Frog

Far Away Frog

Description:  Far Away Frog looks like he is shouting to something in the distance. His comical appearance and unique design will make all ages chuckle with pleasure.

This Macrame Frog has webbed feet, a wide  mouth, and big googly eyes.  You have the option of clipping the cords inside the mouth to make an opening.

You can attach a ring to his feet to make him into a towel holder, or simply add a branch and a few silk flowers for a wall decoration.

The finished size is approximately 15 inches tall, with the knees bent as shown.



Supplies Needed: 

  • 6mm Green Macrame Cord (54 yards total)
  • 1.5-inch Frog Eyes
  • Craft Wire (38 inches)
  • Dowel, Ring or Branch (optional)
  • Project Board and Pins
  • Fabric Glue
  • Tweezers or fine pliers

Knots Used:



Cut the cords as follows: 

  • 10 Cords, each 2 yards long
  • 10 Cords, each 3 yards long
  • Two 45-inch cords
  • Two 36-inch cords
  • Three 60-inch cords
Prepare the tips of all the cords for the Far Away Frog, using one of the methods described in Cord Preparation.

The Face

The Face

Step 1:  Secure a 60-inch holding cord on your project board.  It should have an upward curve. Place a pin at the center.

In the images, this area rests below the eyes of the Far Away Frog.

Step 2:  Mount one 3-yard cord to the holding cord with a reverse Larks Head knot.

It should rest 1-inch to the left of the pin at the center, as shown below:

Fold Cord
<< Fold the 3-yard cord in half and place it on top of the holding cord as shown.

Move the ends under the holding cord, and over the folded area, as you pull them forward.   >>
Reverse Larks Head

Step 2:  Mount the second 3-yard cord to the left of the first, with a regular Larks Head knot, as shown below:

Second Cord
<<  Place the second cord under the holding cord.

Bring the ends over the holding cord and under the folded area, as you pull them towards you.
Tighten the knot firmly. >>
Larks Head

Rotate Upward
  Rotate the second cord upward, so the head of the knot moves to the back.

This cord will be used to make the left eye of the Far Away Frog.

Step 2, continued:  Attach three more cords to the left of the second, using reverse Larks Head knots (see image below). 

Remaining Cords

Repeat step 2, adding the remaining five 3-yard cords to the RIGHT of the pin at the center. 

The image shows where the first one should be placed (#1), closest to the center.

There should be a 1-inch gap on each side of the center (total of 2 inches).

Step 3:  Mentally number the cords in the order they were attached (see image above).

Turn the design around, so cord 2 (on each side) is in front of you.  The remaining cords for the Far Away Frog should be heading towards the back of your project board.

Tie a sennit of Alternating Half Hitches with the two halves of cord 2 on the right.  Stop when it measures 3 inches.  Repeat with cord 2 on the left.

Important:  Make sure each knot is tightened as much as possible, so there are no gaps when it's pulled.

Half Hitch
<< Use the right cord to tie a clockwise Half Hitch onto the left.

Next, use the left cord to make a counter-clockwise Half Hitch onto the right.   >>

Alternate back and forth to complete the sennit. 
Switch Cords

Turn the design again, to the original position when you mounted the cords.

Form an eye loop with each sennit, and arrange them standing on one edge. (see image below)

The eyes of the Far Away Frog are surrounded by these loops, so they have to be sideways rather than flat.  

Click on the image below if you need to see a larger view.


Pass the 2 ends of both cords under the holding cord, in the 2-inch space you left in step 2 (center area). 

Attach the cords with Double Half Hitches.


Step 4:  On the left eye loop, create some space between cord 1 and the DHH you just tied, by pushing the knots left and right.

36-inch cord

Mount a 36-inch cord in the space, with a regular Larks Head knot (head faces forward).

Rotate Cord

Rotate the 36-inch cord so the head moves to the back and the ends are heading upward.

Pass the two ends through spaces at the top of the eye loop, using tweezers or pliers.

Pass the stem of one eye between the 2 halves of the 36-inch cord. 

Important: The eye loop should surround the eye SNUGLY.  You can adjust the size of the loop if necessary, by untying the DHH (at the center) and removing one or two knots.  
Make sure the 36-inch cord is pulled taut, and apply the washer.

When using eyes without washers, apply them in the most appropriate way, using glue as needed. 

Repeat step 4
to add the right eye for your Far Away Frog.

When both eyes are in the position you want them to be, add glue to the inside of the eye loops, so they adhere to the eye.  Do this in at least 4 areas. 


Tie Overhand knots with the 36-inch cords, so the knots rest against the top of the eye loops.

When the glue is dry, tie the ends of both 36-inch cords together with a Overhand Knot, to create the hanger for the Far Away Frog. 

Step 5:  Mentally number the 3-yard working cords 1 - 20. 

Do not include the holding cord when counting.

Left SK
<< Tie a Left Square Knot with cords 7 - 10.

Tie a Right SK with 11 - 14. >>
Right SK

When making a Left SK, the first working cord you move is always the left one.
In the left image above, that's cord 7.

To make a Right SK, you start with the working cord on the right.  In the right image, that's cord 14.

See the Square Knot page for more details.

Close Together

Important:  Tie all the following Square knots firmly. 

The first and last knots in each row should be as close to the Larks Head knots as possible, with no open space between them.


Row 2:  Tie a Left SK with cords 5 - 8 and 9 - 12, and a Right SK with 13 - 16.

Row 3:  Left SK with cords 3 - 6, 7 - 10.  Right SK with 11 - 14, 15 - 18.

Row 4:  Left SK with 1 - 4, 5 - 8, 9 - 12.  Right SK with 13 - 16, 17 - 20.

Row 5:  Repeat row 3.

Row 6:  Repeat row 2.



Step 6:  Locate a space between the 4th and 5th row of ASK, on the right side of the Far Away Frog.

Cut one 15-inch piece of wire, and pass it through the space. 

Fold it in half, and twist the two halves together several times. (see next image)


Pass the ends of the wire through a similar space on the left side (between rows 4 and 5).   The wire should arch upward.

Do not secure the wire just yet, since you may need to adjust it.

Cord 4

Step 7:  Mentally number all the cords, including the ends of the holding cord, 1 - 22.

Attach cords 4 - 19 to the wire with Double Half Hitches.  (see details below)

This image shows the first Half Hitch made by cord 4.  

Upper Lip

Important:  When attaching each cord to the wire, make sure there are no gaps between the DHH and the 6th row of ASK.  So pull each cord firmly before tightening the DHH.

In this image, the lip is flat on the board to show the details.  It's better to attach the cords with the wire arched upward.

Once the upper lip is done, pull on the end of the wire gradually, to remove any slack. The knots should all be close together.

Loop the wire and secure it to the back of the face.

Step 8: Turn over the Far Away Frog, so you are working in the back.  The eyes should be close to you, with the unused portion of the cords at the back of your board.

You will need to fold cords 6 - 17 so they attach to the back of the face, pulling them towards the eyes. This is described below. 

Start by dividing them up into three groups of 4 cords, passing each group under one SK in ROW 4.

There are a total of five SK in row 4.  The SK at the edges (1 and 5) are not used.  The three groups of cords pass under the SK numbered 2 - 4.


Locate the Square knot at the center (#3).

Pass your pliers under one of the loops, and then grab hold of cord 10.  Pull it under the loop (towards you). 

Repeat this with cords 11 - 13, pulling them under the same loop.

Three Groups

Pass cords 6 - 9 under a loop of SK #2.

Pass cords 14 - 17 under a loop of SK #4.

Step 9:  Cut another wire, 22 inches in length, for the lower lip of the Far Away Frog.

Slide it through a space between rows 4 and 5, near cord 1.  It should rest against the upper lip on the edges, and drop down in front.

Twist the wire and then slide the ends through a similar space on the right edge.  Do not secure the wire, since you will need to make adjustments.

Lower Wire

Attach cords 1 - 5 to the wire with counter-clockwise DHH, moving left to right.

Pull the cords firmly so that the upper lip is close to the knots you are tying.

You can see this more clearly in the next image.


Attach cords 22 - 18 to the wire with clockwise DHH, moving right to left.

Lower Lip

Complete the lower lip by attaching cords 6 - 17. 

Pull each one so it has tension, before tying the DHH.

Make sure the lower lip is flat on the board.  Pull the ends of the wire to remove any slack, making sure the knots are close together.

Arrange the upper lip so it stands out, bending the wire into a neatly rounded shape.  The lower lip should also be curved.

Loop the ends of the second wire and secure it on the back of the face.


Step 10:  Finish off the holding cord by moving the ends to the back of the Far Away Frog, then weave them under one or more loops. 

Apply glue. When it's dry, cut off the excess material.


The Body

Step 11:  Mentally number the remaining cords 1 - 20.  Tie four rows of ASK as described below:

Four Rows

Row 1:  Tie a Left SK with cords 1 - 4. 

Tie a Right SK with cords 17 - 20. 

These knots should rest close to the DHH for the lower lip, tilted on an angle.  (see image below)


Row 2:  Tie a Left SK with 3 - 6 and 7 - 10. 

Tie a Right SK with 11 - 14 and 15 - 18.

These knots should also be on an angle, and as tight as possible. The lower lip may pop outward slightly.

Row 3:  Left SK with 1 - 4, 5 - 8, 9 - 12.  Right SK with 13 - 16, 17 - 20.

Row 4: 
Tie a Left SK with 3 - 6 and 7 - 10.   Tie a Right SK with cords 11 - 14 and 15 - 18. 

The knots for these two rows should be horizontal. 

Step 12: You will now be adding 2-yard cords to make the body of the Far Away Frog, as described below:

New Cord
 << Fold a new 2-yard cord in half, and secure it under
cords 1 and 2. 

Tie a left SK with the NEW cord. The fillers are cords 1 and 2.  Slide it up so it rests against the knot in the previous row.  >> 
Tie SK

Repeat the process above, adding new 2-yard cords, and knotting as follows:

  • Add to cords 3 - 4 (Left SK)
  • Tie a Left SK with cords 5 - 8 (do not add a new one)
  • Add to cords 9 - 10 (Left SK)
  • Add to cords 11 - 12 (Left SK)
  • Tie a Right SK with cords 13 - 16 (do not add a new one)
  • Add to cords 17 - 18 (Right SK)
  • Add to cords 19 - 20 (Right SK)

Step 13:  Mentally re-number the cords and tie a row of ASK as follows:

  • Left SK with 3 - 6, 7 - 10, 11 - 14, 15 - 18
  • Right SK with 19 - 22, 23 - 26, 27 - 30


Step 14:  Separate cords 5 - 8, and 25 - 28

Secure them out of the way for now, since they will be used for the arms of the Far Away Frog (step 19).

Step 15:  Mentally re-number the cords. Tie 5 rows of ASK, with the cords described below. 

In row 1, the first and last knots are tied across a gap, in the areas where you separated the cords for the arms. 

Tighten the knots as much as possible, and pull down on the fillers.

This may cause the body to pop outward slightly, which is OK. The Far Away Frog is not supposed to be completely flat.

Across Gap

Row 1:  Left SK with cords 3 - 6. Pull down firmly on the fillers (cords 4 - 5) after you tie the knot. 

Left SK with cords 7 - 10 and 11 -14.  Right SK with cords 15 - 18.

Right SK with cords 19 -22.  Pull on cords 20 - 21 (fillers), after tying the knot.

Rows 2 + 4:  Left SK with cords 1 - 4, 5 - 8, 7 - 12.

                   Right SK with cords 13 - 16, 17 - 20, and 21 - 24.

Rows 3 + 5:  Left SK with cords 3 - 6, 7 - 10, 11 - 14.

                   Right SK with cords 15 - 18, 19 - 22.


Step 16: Separate cords 5 – 8 and 17 – 20 for the legs of the Far Away Frog. 

Secure these cords to the side, as you did those for the arms.

Step 17:  Re-number the cords 1 - 16.  Tie the next rows of ASK as follows:

Row 1: Left SK with cords 3 - 6. Pull on the fillers (4 and 5) to remove the slack, since you are tying across a gap.

Left SK with cords 7 - 10.  

Right SK with cords 11 - 14. Pull on the fillers to remove the slack.

Tighten the knots in rows 2 and 3 as much as you can, so the lower body begins to get rounder:

Row 2:
Left SK with 1 - 4, 5 - 8.           Right SK with 9 - 12, 13 - 16. 

Row 3:
Left SK with 3 - 6 and 7 - 10.   Right SK with cords 11 - 14


Step 18:   Trim the ends to 2 inches, and move them to the back of the Far Away Frog. 

Pass them under a loop of the Square Knots in row 2.

Apply glue to hold them in place.


Arms, Legs, Feet

Left Arm

Step 19:  Locate the two groups of cords you separated in step 14, for the arms. 

Tie 5 Square Knots with the left group, to make the left arm for the Far Away Frog.

Make sure you identify the front of the sennit, which faces you when the arm is bent towards the face.  

Step 20:  The next few steps will make more sense if you turn the Far Away Frog so the top of the head is on the left side of your board, with the left edge close to you.

Bend the left arm towards the face, and then on an angle (towards you), as shown below.   This ensures that the front of the arm is face up.

Mentally number the four cords. 

New Cord

Secure one of the 45-inch working cords to your board, next to cord 1 of the left arm. 

Leave a 2-inch tail at the left. 

Cords 1 - 4 are holding cords. Slide the working cord under each one prior to tying the knots onto them.

Vertical Half Hitch

Use the working cord to tie a clockwise Vertical (Double) Half Hitch around holding cord 1. 

This image shows the first loop. The second loop rests below the first.  Push the knot up as far as possible.

The working cord should rest to the right of cord 1 when you are through.

Position the working cord under cord 2.  Tie a vertical (Double) Half Hitch onto cord 2, as you did cord 1.

Repeat this two more times, tying the knots onto cords 3 and 4.  Make sure you move the working cord under the one holding the knot first, then tie the knot.

Row 2

For the second row, you move right to left, so all the loops are counter-clockwise.

Spread out holding cords 1 - 4 so there is more space between them.  They should be diagonal.
Row 3
  Make 2 more rows of knots in the same manner. 

Spread the holding cords further apart, so the space between them increases.

This image shows the start of row 3 (left to right).


Overhand Knot

Step 21:  Tie tight Overhand Knots in each of the holding cords, so they rest against the Half Hitches in row 4.

Apply glue as you tighten, so it's on the inside of the knot.

Move both ends of the working cord to the back surface of the arm (includes the 2 inch tail). 

Weave them under any loops in the area.  Apply glue and trim as needed.

Near Face

Bend the left arm up to the mouth of the Far Away Frog, and straighten it.

Pass cord 4 through a space next to the lower lip, near the left edge of the face.

Secure it in the back of the design, by sliding it under loops in the area. 

Once the left arm is positioned, you can finish off the remaining three holding cords (1 - 3) by cutting off the excess material.

Step 22:
  Repeat steps 19 - 21
, to make the right arm, using the other set of cords separated in step 14

It helps to arrange the head of the Far Away Frog on your right.

The cord used to attach the arm to the face is the one furthest to the right when the arm is folded.

Step 23:  Locate the 4 cords you separated in step 16, to make the legs.

Mentally number the four cords for the right leg.

Add Cords

Add a new 2-yard cord to cords 1 and 2 with a Left SK, as described in step 12

Add another 2-yard cord to cords 3 and 4 with a Right SK.

Mentally number the 8 cords.  

Upper Leg

Tie 4 rows of Alternating Square Knots:

Row 1: Tie a Left SK with cords 3 - 6.

Row 2: Tie a Left SK with cords 1 - 4, and a Right SK with cords 5 - 8.

Row 3:  Repeat row 1.

Row 4:  Repeat row 2.

Large SK

Step 24: Use cords 1 and 8 to tie four SK around cords 2 - 7, which are fillers. 

Tighten them as much as you can. 

Foot Cords

Secure cords 2, 3, 6 and 7 to your board.  They will be used for the foot.

Finish off the other 4, as described below:


Bend cords 1, 4, 5, and 8 to the back of the right leg. 

Pass them under one loop of the third SK you tied for the leg.

Apply glue to secure them.  Cut off the excess material from 3 of the cords.  Leave one long, preferably cord 4 or 5.

Right Foot

Step 25:  Repeat step 20  to make the webbed foot.  Use a 60-inch cord, and tie a total of 5 rows of Vertical DHH knots. 

Finish off all 4 of the holding cords with Overhand knots, as you did in step 21.

Bend Leg

Bend the right leg towards the body of the Far Away Frog. 

Use the long cord you did not finish off (step 24) to secure the leg close to the lower curve of the body.

The best way is to pass it through a space in the body and then slide the end under loops in the area.


Step 26:  Repeat steps 23 - 25 to make the left leg for your Far Away Frog.



Finishing Touches


Step 27: This step is optional.

Clip 4 - 6 of the vertical cords inside the mouth, if you want it to have an open space.  

Weave them under loops in the area and apply glue.

You can secure a branch to the bottom of the Far Away Frog using scrap cord.

Another option is to attach a dowel or ring to his back feet and use him to hang towels.

Straighten the mouth wires into a nicely curved shape, and manipulate the knots so the body is rounded.


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