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Pumpkin Decoration

Pumpkin Decoration

Description: This Pumpkin Decoration will add a special touch to your autumn decorations.  It makes a unique centerpiece display. 

It has a fringe at the bottom, so you can easily add artificial flowers and leaves. Rust colored material looks the best, but orange can be used as well. T

he stem and top area should be dark green or brown.

The instructions for this Macrame pumpkin is for a 5 inch size, but can be modified to make it larger.

I recommend you try to obtain a wire ball frame, but you can use three rings instead, tying them together. 

Click on the green banner on the left to visit the store.  Ball frames are available.

I've rated this Macrame project as moderate, since you need to be able to tie the knots without securing the cords.

So make sure you practice all the knots until you are completely familiar with them.


Supplies Needed:


  • 6mm cord material (2 colors)
  • One 4-inch metal ring
  • One 2-inch metal ring
  • One 1.5-inch ring
  • One 5-inch Wire Ball (or three 5-inch rings)
  • Flowers, leaves and other small decorations
  • Needle Nose pliers
  • Fabric or All-Purpose Glue

Knots Used:




Cutting Instructions for 5-inch Size:

  • Pumpkin: Cut 20 cords, each 2 yards long (rust or orange)
  • Top: Cut 12 cords, each 50 inches long (brown or green)
  • Stem: Cut 2 cords, each 36 inches long (brown or green)

Preparation:  Since you will be deliberately unraveling the cords in some areas of the Pumpkin decoration, temporarily wrap tape around the ends of all the cords. 


For a Pumpkin Decoration more than 5 inches:

Size of ball x 4 = Minimum number of cords to cut for the pumpkin (you can cut more) -- make sure the final number can be divided by four (24, 28, 32, etc.).

For the top and stem, increase the length to 60 inches or more.


Use three 5-inch rings if you don't have a wire ball frame. Place them inside each other, bending them slightly as needed.

Wrap the top and bottom areas with wire, right where the three rings meet.

For a wire ball, push down on the top of it until it's the shape you like.



The Stem

Step 1: You will be making a Lanyard knot sennit for the stem of the Pumpkin Decoration.

Cross the two cords you cut for the stem, forming an X shape.  Secure them at the center, to your work surface.

Mentally number the segments A - D, as shown in the images.
  Lanyard Step 1

<< Move segment A to the right, over segment B. There should be a slight curve.

Move segment B upward, passing over segment C. >>

Lanyard Step 2


  Lanyard Step 3

<< Move segment C to the left, over segment D.

Move segment D downward, passing through the curved area of segment A. > >

Lanyard Step 4


  First Knot Under Wire  

Step 2: Place the first Lanyard knot under the wires at the top of the frame, where they connect.

Hold it in place, while you tie the next Lanyard knot above the wire. You can apply glue to hold the knot in place (optional).


  Second Knot Above Wire   Tighten the second knot as much as you can, so it holds to the frame firmly.  

  Stem = 2 - 3 Inches  

Step 3: Tie additional Lanyard knots until the stem measures 2 to 3 inches.

You need at least 4 inches of material to finish the stem at the top of the Pumpkin Decoration, so don't make it too long.


  SK Without Fillers  

Mentally number the ends 1 - 4. Tie cords 1 and 2 together with an Overhand knot. Tie cords 3 and 4 together as well.

Apply glue before you tighten the knots, so it's on the inside.


  SK Without Fillers  

Tie cords 1 and 4 together. Do the same with cords 2 and 3. Apply glue inside these knots as well.

After the glue is dry, cut off the remaining material, as close to the knots as possible. You can add a little extra glue to the outside if you wish.




The Pumpkin

Step 4: Mount the 20 cords for the main area of the Pumpkin Decoration to the 2-inch ring with Larks Head knots, as shown below. 

It's a tight squeeze, so push the knots closely together.

Step 1
<< To tie Larks Head knots, fold the cord and place it beneath the lower edge of the ring.

Bring the ends over the front of the ring, and under the folded portion of the cord.  >>
Step 2


Slide the ring over the stem so it rests at the top of the wire ball.

Arrange the cords into groups of four (2 working cords, 2 fillers).

Step 5:  Select a group where the four cords rest directly over one of the wires, to tie the first Square Knot (SK), as shown below the next image.  

Detail of Top

Tie the first half of the Square Knot around the filler cords and the wire. This will anchor the ring to the ball.

Tie the second half of the SK around the filler cords only.

Step 1
<<  Mentally number the cords.  Move cord 1 to the right, over the fillers (2 - 3) and under cord 4.

Move cord 4 to the left, under the fillers and over cord 1. >>

This is the first half of the SK.
Step 2

The two working cords (1 and 4) have now switched places.  So the second half of the SK is tied the opposite:

Step 3
<<  Move cord 1 (right) to the left, over the fillers and under cord 4.

Bring cord 4 under the fillers and over cord 1, as you move it to the right side of the SK.  >>
Step 4


Step 6: On the opposite side of the Pumpkin Decoration, repeat step 5. Make sure the ring is balanced.

Use the remaining cords, in groups of 4, to tie the first row of ASK.  Tighten the knots firmly so they rest very close to the 2-inch ring.



Tie the second row of SK, alternating the cords:

Mentally number 2 knots in row 1.  Use cords 3 - 4 from the left SK, with 1 - 2 from the right SK.   Tie the new knot with those four cords.

In the image above, the two rows have some space. 

When you make the Pumpkin Decoration, the knots should be firmly tightened so they are as close as possible.


Step 7: Continue on, tying more rows of Alternating Square Knots, until you reach the bottom of the frame for the Pumpkin Decoration.

Tie the knots as you would normally, around the filler cords only (not the metal).

Important: Whenever you reach spots where the four cords are over the wires, the metal will easily be seen in the space between the knots.

Here's what you do to hide the metal:

  Technique for Covering Wire  

Wrap one (or both) of the filler cords around the wire at least once.

Tie the Square Knot. When you tighten it, push upward slightly.


  Pass Cords Thru Ring  

Step 8: Pass all the cords through the 4-inch ring. Attach the cords to the ring with either single or double Half Hitches. (see image below).

The working cords for the last row of SK must be attached with double Half Hitches. The fillers should be attached with a single Half Hitch.


Half Hitch

To make a single Half Hitch, make sure the portion coming from the pumpkin is under the ring.

Bring it over and under the ring.  As you pull it down, pass it over the cord.

For a double Half Hitch, tie another one to the right of the first.



The Leaf Design (Top)


The top of the Pumpkin Decoration is supposed to resemble leaves. So you will be making Picots.

Each of the 6 leaf designs for the top will fit in the areas between the metal rings.

Step 9: Start by mounting the 50-inch cords (12) to the 1.5-inch ring with Larks Head knots. (see step 4 for photos)

Divide the cords into 6 groups of four (2 working cords, 2 fillers).

Design Tip: It's best to make the following design with the cords secured to a work surface.


  Three SK  

Step 10: Tie 3 Square Knots 2 inches apart.

Slide the knots upward, so the first one is next to the ring, and the others just below.


  Switch Cords  

Step 11: Switch the cords, so the working cords you just used become the fillers, and vice versa.

Tie a tight Square Knot with the switched cords. It should rest close to the one above it.

Flip the Picot design over.


  Tie Working Cords Together  

Step 12:  Tie the two working cords together with an Overhand knot. Apply glue to the fillers, so when you tighten this new knot, it's on the inside.

You can add more glue to the outside if you wish.



Step 13: Repeat steps 10 - 12 with the remaining 5 sets of cords (total of 6 picot designs).

Place the ring over the stem, so it fits inside the 2-inch ring at the top of the Pumpkin Decoration.

Make sure the picot designs rest between each metal segment, before completing the following step.


  Push Ends Thru Holes  

Step 14: Trim the ends so they are approximately 2 inches long.

Poke the ends through a space between the Square Knots, using pliers. You can add glue to hold them in place if you wish.



Finishing Touches


Trim the cords at the bottom of the Pumpkin decoration to 2 - 3 inches. Separate the fibers and brush them one at a time.

Don't want a fringe?  Just push all the cords to the inside of the frame, and apply glue to hold them in place.

  Completed Pumpkin Decoration  

Decorate the bottom area with artificial leaves, flowers, pine cones, and other small items.

You can apply glue to the brushed fibers, or the lower ring, to hold the decorations in place.


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