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Pandora Bracelet

Pandora Bracelet

Description:   The Pandora Bracelet pattern is a Macrame design that features European beads, which often have metal grommets lining the inside of the hole. 

When using these types of beads, you need button knots between them, since they have large holes.  You can also use spacers and charms on either side of the beads.

In this Micro-Macrame design, the Oysterman knot is featured, but there are other button knots suitable. Here are three you can try, if you want to experiment:

You must use two cords if you are tying Oysterman knots.  For the button knots listed above, which are larger, you may be able to use just one cord. 

In the Macrame bracelet shown, 2mm Satin material was used. 

Supplies Needed:
  • 2mm cord material
  • Pandora beads
  • Project board, pins, tape
  • Fabric glue that dries clear
Step 1:  Cut 2 cords for the Pandora bracelet, at least 72 inches long (finished size up to 8 inches). 

Prepare the ends with glue to prevent unraveling.

Bead at Center

Arrange the cords horizontally and secure them near the center.  Apply a piece of tape to mark the center.

Slide the first bead onto both cords, so it rests against the tape.


Step 2:  Make a counter-clockwise loop using both cords working together.

Design Tip:  The best way to secure Satin and other delicate cords is to LEAN the pins over them, or use the Cross Pin Technique.  

Placing pins through the material will damage the delicate fibers.

Bight Through Loop

Step 3:  Make a bight by folding the free end.

Pass it through the loop under - over (from below).

Tighten Loop

Pull on the bight to tighten the first loop. 

As you do so, remove the slack from the segment coming from the bead, so the tightened loop is against the bead.

This is an important part of the design, so tighten carefully.

The reason the Oysterman knot was chosen for the Pandora Bracelet is because they are easy to tie, and you can move them into position with little effort.

Another option is a Sliding Celtic Button Knot.  You tie the knot with one cord, placing it onto the other.

Sliding Button

End Through Bight

Step 4:  Rotating clockwise, pass the free end under the bead. 

Make sure you don't twist the knot. 

It helps if you hold it steady on the board with one hand and complete the knot with the other.

Step 4, continued:  Pass the end through the bight over - under (from the top). 

Pull on the segment near the bead to tighten the bight.  Then pull on the end to tighten the remainder.

Step 5:  Repeat step 2 - 4 several times, adding more beads.  You should end with a KNOT rather than a bead.

Stop when the Pandora Bracelet is Half the size you intend to make.  So for a 7-inch bracelet, stop at 3.5 inches.

Make sure each Oysterman knot is as close to the beads as possible.  It's hard to backtrack and remove knots where there is too much space.

Turn the bracelet around and go back to the center.  The first thing you do is tie a button knot next to the bead, with the other half of the cords.

Then continue on, adding more beads and knots until the bracelet is the size you need.   Make sure you end with a KNOT.

Step 6: To form the clasp, pass two cords from one end of the bracelet through a bead.  Do the same at the other end, but pass them through in the opposite direction. 

Put the bracelet on your wrist to check the size.  It should be comfortable with the ends pulled so it's in the closed position

You may need to add or remove knots if it's not the right size.  Be sure to do so at both ends, so it's balanced.

When you take it off, note how far back the bead for the clasp needs to slide to open the bracelet. 

If it's more than 1.5 inches, place the knots further down on the ends as you do the next step.


Step 7:  Leave at least 1.5 inches of space and tie an Oysterman knot with two ends. 

Apply glue as you tighten it, so it's on the inside of the knot.  

You can add more glue on the outside, but some types of glue will darken the material. 

You should test the glue on a piece of scrap material before using it.

Step 8:  Repeat step 7 with the other two ends.  Wait until the glue is dry, and cut off the extra material.

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