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Oval Bracelet

Oval Bracelet

Description:  The Oval Bracelet is a Micro-Macrame design featuring oval shaped diamonds, and wavy bars that crisscross.  

There are only 3 Macrame knots used in this pattern, but the process can be a challenge.  So make sure you have experience with the knots before making this custom bracelet.

The beads inside each oval design are optional.  The bead clasp can be changed if you prefer to use a Sliding Clasp instead.

Do not use waxed material, since the wax makes it difficult to tighten the knots completely. 

In the example shown, Hemp material was used.
Supplies Needed:
  • 1mm cord material
  • Beads for inside ovals -- 2mm holes (optional)
  • Bead for clasp -- 5mm hole
  • Beads for ends -- 4mm holes
  • Project Board and pins
  • Fabric glue that dries clear
  • Tape
Knots Used:

Cutting Instructions:
  • Cut 4 holding cords, each 1.5 yards long
  • Cut 8 working cords, each 2 yards long (for sizes up to 8.5 inches)

Prepare the ends with glue to prevent unraveling. 

Place a piece of tape at the bottom of each holding cord, so you can identify them more easily.

They can get mixed up with the other cords used in the Oval Bracelet.


Place a piece of tape around the top of 4 working cords.  Repeat with a second set.  Secure them to your board vertically, with pins pushed through the tape.

Do the same with the 4 holding cords, placing them between the two sets of working cords. 


Macrame Cord Divider

Top of Bracelet

Move down 6 to 8 inches from the top of the cords, and apply a piece of tape across them horizontally. 

Move Down

Locate the 2 working cords furthest to the right and left. 

Use them to tie a Square knot around the other 8 cords, which are the fillers.

The knot will rest against the tape when it's tightened.

3 SK

Tie a total of 3 Square Knots. 

You can now remove the tape and secure the knots, which makes the Oval Bracelet more stable.


Upper Half of First Oval

Step 1:  Arrange the cords so that you can easily identify the holding cords, as well as the working cords.

Since the holding cords have tape on the ends, you can write the numbers on them. This helps to keep the four cords organized, which makes the Oval Bracelet easier to create. 

You will be creating diamonds with rounded corners for the Oval Bracelet.

Mentally number the holding cords 1 - 4, moving left to right. 

Mentally number the working cords 1 - 4 on the left, and 5 - 8 on the right.

Holding Cord 4

Move holding cord 4 to the right and secure it so it's pulled taut. 

It should rest on top of the four working cords to the right (5 - 8). 

Important:  Since you moved the holding cord from left to right, you attach the working cords to it progressing the same direction (small arrow in photo above). 

This way the first cord you attach is the one closest to the holding cord.

This applies when working on the other side of the Oval Bracelet, too. 

Attach working cords 5 - 8 (right) to holding cord 4 with a Double Half Hitch (the instructions are below).

Rotate counter-clockwise as you tie the knots. Tighten each one firmly.

Half Hitch

A Half Hitch is tied by passing the working cord over and under the holding cord. 

As you pull it to the side, is should pass over the working cord. 

Double Half Hitch = TWO Half Hitches

Second Row

Move holding cord 3 to the right, placing it to the inside of the first row of knots you just tied.   Secure it so it's taut.

Attach the same four working cords to it with DHH.

Pull each cord firmly as you tighten the knots, so the two rows are touching each other.

Important:  When creating the top half of each oval, you will always use the holding cord on the outside first.

So in this area of the Oval Bracelet, the first two used are holding cord 4 (right) and holding cord 1 (left).


Step 2:  Move holding cord 1 towards the left.  It should be the same angle as holding cords 3 and 4.

Attach working cords 1 - 4 (left) to it with Double Half Hitches.  Rotate clockwise as you create these knots.


Move holding cord 2 to the left, on the inside of the first row of knots.  Attach the same four working cords to it with DHH.

Pull the cords firmly as you tie each knot, so the two rows are touching.


Lower Half of Diamonds


You have options for decorating the center of the designs in the Oval Bracelet.

You can add one or more beads, or cross the working cords as shown here.  You can weave 4 cords through the other four, or even tie a knot in this area. 

See Vintage Diamonds for ideas.

Important:  For the lower half of each oval, you use the holding cord that's on the inside first (cords 2 and 3).

Lower Right

Step 3:  Move holding cord 3 to the left and secure it.  Attach working cords 5 - 8 to it, progressing right to left. Tie the knots clockwise.

Tie a Triple Half Hitch with working cord 8, to make the corner more rounded (X).

Close Up

A Triple Half Hitch is simply three knots instead of two.

To make the Oval Bracelet design the proper shape, this is a very important step.

You will do this every time you create the bottom half of each oval.

Now is the last chance you have to add a bead. 

It needs to be placed onto working cords 4 and 5, at the center of the oval shape. 

Add the Bead

Once the bead is in place, attach working cord 5 onto holding cord 3.

Working cord 4 will be attached to holding cord 2, so move it aside for now.

Second Row

Move holding cord 4 along the outside of the previous row of knots (towards the left).  Attach working cord 8 to it with a Triple Half Hitch. 

Attach working cords 7 - 5 with Double Half Hitches. Pull firmly while tightening, so the two rows are touching each other.

Repeat on Left

Step 4:  Move holding cord 2 to the right.  Attach working cord 1 with a Triple Half Hitch, and tie the knots counter-clockwise.

Do the same with holding cord 1.  Pull firmly when tightening, so the two rows are touching.


Closing + Top of Next Oval

Now you will close the bottom of the first oval shape and create the top of the next one at the same time.


Step 5:  Move holding cord 2 to the right

Attach holding cords 3 and 4 (from the right) to it with DHH.  Tie the knots counter-clockwise.

Attach working cords 5 - 8 as well. 

Second Row

Move holding cord 1 to rest beside the row of knots you just tied, heading right.

Attach the same 6 cords to it with DHH.  The two holding cords are first, followed by 4 working cords. 

Make sure the knots are tight, so the two rows are touching each other.

Design Tip:  By attaching the four working cords, you begin the top half of the next design for the Oval Bracelet. 

It's easier to do this while you are closing each oval shape, since the holding cords will be in the right position.

Left Upper

Locate holding cords 3 and 4, which come off the bars you made in the last step.  Move holding cord 3 to the left.

Attach working cords 1 - 4  to it with DHH.  These knots are tied clockwise.

2nd Row

Move holding cord 4 to the left, beside the row of knots you just tied (inside).

Attach the same four working cords with clockwise DHH. Pull them tight so the two rows are together.


Second Oval, Bottom and Closure

The top portion of the second design in the Oval Bracelet is done, so now you will create the bottom portion.  

You can add the bead or decoration now.

Step 6:  Repeat steps 3 and 4 to make the lower half of the second oval shape. 

The holding cords have switched places
, but the process is the same.

Add a Bead

On the right, use holding cord 1 first, followed by holding 2 (clockwise DHH).  Triple Half Hitches are tied with working cord 8.

On the left, use holding cord 4 first, followed by holding cord 3 (counter-clockwise DHH).  Triple Half Hitches are tied with working cord 1.

Direction Change

Step 7: Now you will close the bottom and start the top of the next design, as in step 5, but in the opposite direction (right to left).

Move holding cord 1 first, to the left.  Attach holding cords 3 and 4 to it, along with working cords 1 - 4, with clockwise DHH.

Repeat with holding cord 2.

Right Side

Move holding cord 4 to the right, and attach working cords 5 - 8 with counter-clockwise DHH.

Do the same with holding cord 3.

The top half of the third design for the Oval Bracelet is finished, so now you would make the bottom half (repeat steps 3 and 4).

Direction Changes

Step 8:  When you finish the bottom portion, the closing is done left to right, same as step 5.

The 4th oval is closed right to left, as in step 7.

Keep alternating directions, and stop when the Oval Bracelet is the size you want.  

Important:  When measuring the bracelet, make sure you take into account the three Square Knots you still have left to tie.

Close Last Oval

Step 9:  For the last oval shape, you need to attach two holding cords to the other two.   Determine the proper direction by looking at the previous design. 

Do not attach any of the working cords.

Macrame Cord Divider

Bead Clasp for Oval Bracelet

Square Knots

Step 10:  Use the two working cords furthest to the left and right to tie three Square knots.  The remaining cords act as fillers.

Tighten it so it rests at the lower "point" of the oval shape.

Tie off 4 Ends

Turn over the Oval Bracelet, and finish off the 4 ends you just used for the SK by tying tight Overhand knots with two at a time.

Position these knots at the back of the Square knots.
Apply glue as you tighten them.  When it's dry, cut off the excess material.

Step 11:  Remove the tape from the remaining cords at each end of the bracelet.  Trim to neaten the tips .  Pass all 8 cords through the bead for the clasp.

Go to the other end of the bracelet, and pass those 8 cords through, in the opposite direction.  It will be tight squeeze. 

You can cut off a few cords if there is no way to get them all through the bead, but make sure you finish them off with Overhand knots and use glue.

Use a wire threader as shown in the next image.  It's best if you slide them through one at a time

Once the clasp is done, pull the ends to close the Oval Bracelet. 

Move down at least 2 inches, to allow the Oval Bracelet to open wide enough for your hand to pass through easily.


Step 12:  Add a small bead to two ends, and tie a tight Overhand knot.   Fold a wire threader and pass it through the opening of the bead.

Pass the end of one cord through the wire, near the folded area. Pull on the ends of the wire, and the cord will pass through the hole.    Repeat with the second cord.


Slide the bead back slightly, and apply glue next to the Overhand knot.  Slide the bead forward, so it rests against the knot.  

When the glue is dry, cut off the excess material flush with the surface of the bead.

Repeat step 12 with the other cords (in sets of 2).


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