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Leaf Pendant

Leaf Pendant

Description:  The Leaf Pendant features the use of Seed Beads to decorate the spaces between rows of Double Half Hitches.

There is a Buttonhole loop at the top to give this Micro-Macrame decoration a more finished appearance. 

This design can be made with finer material than what you see in the example, which was 1.5mm Hemp cord.

This Macrame pattern is rated Moderate, which means you need to have prior experience tying Double Half Hitches to be successful. 

Supplies Needed:
  • Green colored 1mm to 1.5mm cord material (6 yards)
  • 20 E-Beads (large seed beads)
  • Project Board, pins and tape
  • Fabric glue that dries clear

Decorative Knots Used:


  • Cut 5 cords, each 30 inches long.
  • Cut 1 cord, 36 inches long.
Prepare the ends with GLUE to stiffen the material, which helps with attaching the beads for the Leaf Pendant.

Roll the tips between your fingers to make them as narrow as possible, if you are using material over 1mm thick.

(Optional)  Apply beeswax to each cord, making sure it's not placed on the area with the glue.  This softens the material so the knots are neater.

Check your E-Beads to make sure they are the same height, which is the area from hole to hole.

Buttonhole Loop

Step 1:  Arrange the five 30-inch cords on your board vertically, secured at the center with tape.  Secure the upper portion as well.   These cords are used as the core for the the loop.

The 36-inch cord should be placed to the left of the others.  It will be the working cord for the Buttonhole Loop.

First Loop
 << Make a counter-clockwise loop with the working cord, passing over - under the other five, and over the cord you are holding.

The 2nd loop is under - over the core and under the one you are holding (opposite of loop 1).  >>
Second Loop

4 Knots

Tie at least 4 knots, so the design measures 1/4-inch in size. 

Turn the knots around and remove the tape from the center. 

Tie another 1/4-inch of knots, rotating clockwise, since the working cord is on the right.

Square Knot

Fold the knots at the center so the last knot on each end lines up. All the cords for the core will be together in the center with the working cords on either side.

Tie a tight Square Knot with the working cords, around all the others.   This completes the loop for the Leaf Pendant.

Leaf Design


Step 2:  Organize the cords and secure the two at the center.   They should rest diagonally on the same angle, which should be wide. 

They will be the first holding cords.

Move the remaining cords above the holding cords, five on each side.  These are the working cords.

Pass Under

Bring each working cord under the holding cord first.

Then attach them with a counter-clockwise DHH, since you are moving left to right.

Make sure you attach them in the correct order, leaving a little slack above the holding cord (see next image).

Row 1Right

You can see in this first row of DHH for the Leaf Pendant that the slack above the holding cord will form a curved design. 

Tighten the knots firmly so they are as neat as possible.  Adding more beeswax really helps!

Row 1 Left

Attach the five cords on the left side of the Leaf Pendant the same way.  Make sure you bring each one under the holding cord prior to tying the knots.

The only change is that the loops for the Half Hitches are tied clockwise, since you are moving right to left.

Row 2 Right

Step 3:  Mentally number the cords 1 - 12.  Cord 7 is the holding cord for row 2 on the right.

Attach beads to cords 8 - 11.  Move holding cord 7 into place over them, close to the beads. 

Attach cord 8 with a counter-clockwise Triple Half Hitch, and the rest with a Double Half Hitch.

Design Tip:  A Triple Half Hitch is simply 3 loops instead of two. 

The third loop is not quite as neat as the others, but do your best to make it as small as possible.

Note that the image above shows the holding cord further down than it should be. 

Keep it close to the beads as you tie the knots.

Row 2 Left

Repeat the same process to make row 2 with the left group of cords (1 - 6).

Cord 6 is the holding cord, and the beads are placed on cords 2 - 5

Attach cord 5 (Triple Half Hitch), and progress to the left, tying DHH.  The knots are tied clockwise.

Design Tip:  When tying Double (and Triple) Half Hitches, you always start with the working cord closest to the holding cord.

Also, you progress in the same direction as you moved the holding cord.


Step 4:  Mentally re-number the cords 1 - 12.  You will now use the right group again (cords 7 - 12).

They are ALL working cords for row 3.

Apply beads to cords 9 - 11 (total of 3 beads).

Row 3 Right

Holding cord 6 comes from the left group. 

Cords 7 - 12 are attached with counter-clockwise Double Half Hitches. 

(Read the information next to the two images below before tying the knots).

The angle of holding cord 6 needs to be changed so it's closer to the center of the Leaf Pendant.

Attach the first 3 cords (7 - 9) with DHH.

Allow the left half of the leaf to move closer
to the right half as you tie the knots. 

Change Angle

Change the angle of holding cord 6 again, so it curves under the beads. (cords 10 -12). 

Change Angle


Step 5:  Now you will use the remaining cords (1 - 5) for row 3 on the left side of the Leaf Pendant.

Apply beads to cords 2 - 5.

Row 3 Left

Cord 7 is the holding cord, which was the first cord attached on the other side. 

Attach cords 5 - 1 to it with clockwise Double Half Hitches (in that order). 

Change the angle of the holding cord as in the previous steps.

Row 4 Right

Step 6: Mentally re-number the cords. Repeat step 4 to make row 4 on the right side. 

The only change is that you apply the beads only to cords 10 and 11. 

Cord 6 holds the knots, and 7 - 12 are attached to it.

Row 4 Left

Repeat step 5 to make row 4 on the left. 

Cord 7 holds the knots, and the beads are placed on cords 2 and 3.

Row 5 Right

Step 7:  Repeat Step 3 to make row 5 of the Leaf Pendant. The holding cord comes from the right group, not the left (same as row 2).

One bead is placed on cord 11.  Cord 7 holds the knots.  When you attach cord 8, make it a Triple Half Hitch.  The rest are Double Half Hitches.

Step 7, continued:  On the left, the bead is placed on cord 2, and cord 6 holds the knots.

When you attach cord 5, make it Triple Half Hitch.  The rest are Double Half Hitches.

Finishing Touches


Step 8:  Turn over the Leaf Pendant.  Separate the working cords coming from each bar made in the previous step. The holding cords should be vertical.

Organize the cords into sets of two, selecting one from each bar.   Placing tape on each set will prevent you from using the same cords twice. (see image below)


Start with the cords closest to the top and work towards the bottom of the leaf. Tie Barrel knots with the first 4 pairs of cords. 

Check in the front to make sure the two bars touch each other, without any gaps.  Tighten as much as possible, and add glue.

Detail of Back

Tie Overhand knots in the two sets closest to the bottom.  Apply glue to these knots, too.

Move the last 4 cords backwards, so they rest flat on top of the other knots.  Secure them with more glue.

Hold them in place with clips or tape while the glue dries.  Cut off the excess material from all the cords.


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