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Lace Planter

Lace Planter  

The Lace Planter has a delicate appearance, but is still sturdy.

Any size plant pot can be used, with just a little adjustment at the bottom. The size and arrangement of the sennits can be changed as well.

This Macrame pattern is easy to make, but fine tuning the position of the knots takes time and patience.

Finished Size is approximately 40 to 45 inches, depending on how long you make the fringe at the bottom.



Supplies Needed:

  • 4mm Macrame Cord (85 yards)
  • One 2-inch Ring
  • One 4-inch Ring
  • Measuring tape
  • Project Board and Pins


Knots Used:



Step 1: Cut 12 cords, each 7 yards long.

Cut 1 cord 36 inches long.

Prepare the ends of the long cords to prevent unraveling.

Step 2: Fold the 7-yard cords in half and position them over the bottom of the 2-inch ring, while holding the ring upright.  Match the ends so they are even.

Use the 36-inch cord to make a Wrapped Knot around them, 2 inches long.

Step 3: Place the cords into the 4-inch ring, and secure the ring so it's flat on your board.  The Wrapped Knot should rest in the center, standing upright.

Spread the cords out evenly around the ring, which should rest under it.

Attach each cord to the ring with a Double Half Hitch.


Here's a diagram you can follow as you construct your Lace Planter.

Click on the image to see a larger view.


Step 4: Move down 1-inch below the ring, and tie 4 rows of Alternating Square Knots. Each knot should have 2 working cords and 2 fillers.

Step 5: Divide the cords into 6 groups of four cords.

Make a sennit with each group, consisting of six (6) Square knots.


Important:  Measure each sennit to be sure they are the same length. 

Measure from the top of the first knot to the bottom of the last.


Step 6:  Alternate the cords, by arranging two sennits in front of you. 

Combine cords 3 and 4 from the left sennit with cords 1 and 2 from the right. 

Move down 3 inches. Tie 6 Square Knots with the new group of four cords.

Repeat this process with all the other sennits.

Measure each sennit to be sure they are all the same length.  Push the knots closer together if necessary.  This is one of the most important parts to successfully making the Lace Planter, so measure carefully.

Step 7: Repeat step 6, but move down 6 inches rather than 3 inches.


Step 8: Alternate the cords and move down 9 inches.

Tie one Square Knot in each group of cords. It's important that these knots line up, too.


Step 9: Gather all the cords together. Place the pot inside the Lace Planter to make sure you like the fit. You can add or subtract a few knots if necessary.

Use two of the cords to tie one tight SK around all the others, so it rests below the pot. The pot will rest on this knot, which is very thick.

Step 10: Divide the cords into two groups of 12.

In each group, tie a sennit of 7 SK, using two working cords and 10 fillers.

Combine the working cords of both sennits and use them to tie a tight SK around all the others. The four cords work together as if they were two cords.

Apply glue to this knot and allow it to dry completely.

Design tip: You can make a Lanyard Knot, a Wrapped Knot, or other design to make your Lace Planter slightly different that what is shown.

Step 11: Unravel the ends after trimming each cord to at least 5 inches.  You can leave the ends wavy, or brush them to form a soft fringe.

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