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Hammock Chair

Hammock Chair


Description:  This Hammock Chair is easy to make, but time consuming, since it’s large.  It features a net-like panel that forms both the back and seat in one long piece.  It curves upward at the bottom to form deep pocket, which can be adjusted somewhat.

This Macrame project is suitable for beginners, since it is not complicated.  Make sure you are able to tie all the knots used in the design, especially if you are a beginner.

The size of the seat is approximately 32 inches wide.  To increase the width, cut additional cords.   Make sure the total is a multiple of four (36, 40, 44, etc.)

2018 Update:  I've made some important changes that are necessary for this pattern to work out well.  I do have the original version available if anyone needs it, but please try to use this one if you can since it's more accurate.


Supplies Needed:

  • 6mm cord material (325 yards)                    
  • Two 3-inch welded metal rings (heavy duty)
  • Flexible Tape Measure
  • Optional: One 36-inch Dowel, 3/4-inch thick (+ dowel caps)

Knots used: 




Cut the cords as follows:  

  • Upper Side Supports --16 cords, each at least 3 yards long
  • Lower Side Supports --16 cords, each at least 4 yards long
  • Seat -- 32 cords, each at least 6.5 yards long                   
  • Wrapped Knots -- 2 cords, each 50 inches long
Designer's Note: The images below mimic the details of each step, but in a smaller scale.

When you create your own Hammock Chair, the cords will be thicker and there will be more of them.


Mounting Cords to Rings


Step 1:  Pass 8 of the 4-yard cords through one of the rings, and match the ends to balance them.  Fold the cords around the lower part of the ring.  

Place 8 of the 3-yard cords on top, then fold and balance them.

Tie a Wrapped Knot around the cords, following the instructions below:

Fold Cord

Secure one end of a 50-inch cord to the right of the folded cords, next to the ring.

Move down 2 inches and fold it.  Bring the working end back to the area close to the ring. 


Wrap the working end around the cords, including the secured end of the one you are using.

Wrap firmly, moving forward, until you are close to the fold.


Thru Loop
  The folded area of the working cord now looks like a loop.  Pass the working end through it.

Pull Secured End

Pull on the secured end, which is at the top of the knot. This will pull the working end, as well as the loop, inside the Wrapped knot.

Trim both ends of the cord flush with the top and bottom of the Wrapped knot, then tuck the stubs inside where they can't be seen.


Step 2: Repeat step 1, mounting the remaining 3-yard and 4-yard cords to the other ring in the same manner.


Upper Edge of Back

Step 3: Secure the rings to your work surface, or hang them up so the cords dangle.

Select two of the shortest cords coming from the right ring, and two more from the left.  The cords you select should rest close together where they come out of the Wrapped knot.

These will act as holding cords for the upper edge of the Hammock Chair.
Holding Cords  

Move down 36 inches from the bottom of the Wrapped Knot.

The four cords should be brought towards each other, diagonally, so they unite at this point.


Tie a SK  

Step 4: Mentally number the left cords as 1 and 2, and the right as 3 and 4.

Use them to tie a tight Square Knot. The working cords are 1 and 4 and the fillers are 2 - 3.


Detail of SK  

Here's a closer view of the SK tied in the holding cord.

You will be mounting the cords for the back and seat of the Hammock Chair on either side of this knot.



Back and Seat

Step 5:  Move the ends of the 4 cords so two go right, and the other two head left, rather than letting them dangle.  You can see this in the image below.

The cords for the seat of the Hammock Chair will be mounted onto the 4 parts of these holding cords.

Fold a Cord  
Fold one 6.5-yard cord in half, and lay it down on top of the 4 holding cords to the left of the Square knot.

The ends should be heading away from you.

Reverse Larks Head   Bring the ends under the holding cords, and through the loop, pulling them towards you. This is a reverse Larks Head knot.

Leave some room between this knot and the Square knot on the holding cord.

Half Hitch with Right Segment  

Tie a Half Hitch with right half of the cord:

Pass it over the front, and under the back of the  holding cords. Bring it over the working cord as you pull it toward you.

Tighten firmly.


Half Hitch with Left Segment  


Use the left half of the working cord to make a Half Hitch.

Tighten firmly.



Push Knots Over  

Push the first working cord to the right, so it rests against the Square Knot. 

Repeat step 5 with the remaining 6.5-yard cords.

A total of 16 cords should be mounted on each side of the SK in the center of the holding cords. 


Designer's Note:  From here on is where I made several changes to the pattern, in order to make sure the side supports can be spaced evenly.


Step 6:  To make the BACK of the Hammock Chair, tie 21 rows of Alternating Square Knots (ASK) with the 6.5-yard cords.  

The first row should rest against the mounting knots from step 5.   The remaining rows should be 1-inch apart.  You can reduce this to 3/4-inch if you want a shorter back.

In row 1, tie LEFT SK with cords 1 - 32 and RIGHT SK with cords 33 - 64. 

In row 2, tie the LEFT SK with cords 3 - 34 and RIGHT SK with cords 35 - 62.

Repeat for the remaining rows.

Step 7: To start the seat, tighten the knots in row 22 so they rest 1/2-inch below those in row 21.  Repeat for the remaining rows. 

You can arrange the knots 1/4-inch apart if you want a tighter weave, but make sure the panel can still stretch sideways.

DO NOT tie the knots for the seat close together.  There needs to be some space between rows, or the panel will become too narrow.

Stop when you have tied 23 rows (total of 44 for both the back and seat).


Lower Edge of Seat


Step 8:  Hang the Hammock Chair by the rings, if you have not already done so. 

Select two of the longest cords coming from the right ring, and two more from the left. Move all four of these cords diagonally, towards each other.  This is similar to what you did in step 3.

Measure at least 60 inches down from the Wrapped knot. That's the point where the cords should unite.   Tie a Square knot to link them together temporarily.

IMPORTANT: Place the seat on top of these holding cords, to check the depth of the Hammock Chair.

The seat needs to come up so it's on an angle to the back.

You can change the place where the holding cords meet, to make the seat move up or down. 


Step 9: Once these lower holding cords are at the correct placement, tighten the Square Knot firmly.  Apply glue as you tighten.

Step 10:  Move the ends of the new holding cords so two go right, and the other two head left, rather than letting them dangle. 

Attach half the cords from the seat to the right of the Square Knot, and the other half on the left, using Double Half Hitches. 

Designer's Tip: This is the same as step 5, only the type of knot used is slightly different.

Start near the center and move outward as you attach the cords.


Tie a Barrel Knot with each cord, so the knot rests under the seat of the Hammock Chair, close to the lower edge.

Finish the seat by choosing one option:

(Option 1) Pass the ends through loops in the BACK of the seat. You can trim them a bit first, but make sure they are at least 2 inches long. Use glue to hold the ends in place.

(Option 2) Trim the cords and leave a fringe, so they dangle.



 Side Supports


Step 11:  Organize the remaining cords for the right side support, into sets of two.

You will move from bottom to top as you attach them to the right side of the back and seat. The first side support is placed next to the SK in row 42, which is 2 rows up from the DHH at the bottom.

Side Supports

Slide one of the LONG side supports through a space next to the Square knot.  Do the same with the second cord, placing it in a different space, next to the same SK.

Make sure the side supports are straight, with a little tension.

Tie Ends Together

Tie the two cords together with an Overhand knot.

Tighten it as much as possible. 

Tie the Second Half

Tie another Overhand knot next to the first.

After tightening it, make sure it rests in the back of the Hammock chair design.

Pull Ends to Front

Pull the ends to the front of the seat before moving on to the next step.

Step 12: Repeat step 11 with the remaining LONG side supports, placing them every 3rd row along the right side of the seat. 

Then do the same thing with the SHORT side supports, when you are in the back section.  The spacing should still be every 3 rows.  Make sure you place the supports as close to the Square Knots as possible, even though the spaces are larger.

It's very helpful if you place the support cords into position down the entire right side, then go back and secure them with the knots.  This way you can make adjustments to their placement if necessary.

Step 13:  Repeat steps 11 and 12, attaching the left side supports. 

Make adjustments to the knots as needed so the Hammock Chair hangs evenly, before moving on to the next step.

Second Knot

Step 14:  Go back to where you started, and pass the ends of the side supports through another space, further in (to the left).   Then tie them together again, with two Overhand knots, as in step 11.

Do this to all the other side supports on both the right and left sides.  When you are finished, apply glue to the knots and allow it to dry before moving on.


Step 15: The remaining material from the side supports can be used to make a fringe.

You could also finish them off by attaching them to the seat with additional knots. 

Another option is to tie Barrel knots in each one, so they rest close to the Square knots.  Apply glue and cut off the extra material.

Step 16: Use chain or thick rope passed through the rings to attach the Hammock Chair to a thick branch or a heavy-duty hook in a ceiling beam.  

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