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Gemstone Pouch

Gemstone Pouch


Description:  This Gemstone Pouch is a type of pendant design, suitable to hang special small items you wish to display.

You place stones or other trinkets inside it, then attach the decoration to a necklace, key ring, or belt.

This Micro-Macrame pattern features the use of fine material, 1mm thick, so is a good project to help you learn to control delicate cords.

In the examples I used 2mm cotton crochet cord, to show the details better.  I recommend you use finer material, such as embroidery cotton.

I rate this design as Easy, but make sure you know how to tie the Macrame knots used in the pattern.


Supplies Needed:

  • Project Board and pins
  • 1mm material -- non-waxed (for pouch)
  • 1mm material -- waxed (for holding cord)
  • 2 Beads (with 2mm holes)

Knots Used: 


Cutting and Preparing the Cords

  • Cut 10 cords of the non-waxed material, at least 26 inches long (pouch)
  • Cut 1 cord of either material, 18 inches long (wrapped knot)
  • Cut 1 cord of waxed material, 12 inches long (holding cord)

Coat the tips of the cords with glue to prevent unraveling, and condition the non-waxed material with beeswax (optional).



Step 1: Apply a bead to each end of the 12-inch holding cord.  Tie a Barrel Knot near the tips, to prevent the beads from sliding off.

The beads are optional, if you prefer not to use them. Make sure you still tie the two Barrel Knots.

This cord acts as a drawstring for the Gemstone pouch. Secure it horizontally to your project board with pins, making sure it's taut.


Mount the Cords  

Attach the ten 26-inch cords for the pouch to the holding cord, using Larks Head Knots. 

They should be placed near the center of the holding cord.


Designing the Pouch

In the example shown, I used Alternating Square Knots to make the pouch. 

You have other options, such as Linked Overhand knots and the Triangle Knot.

Any knot that can be tied using 2 or 4 cords is suitable.  

See Learn Macrame for more ideas.
First Row of ASK  

Step 2:  Tie the first row of Alternating Square Knots, so they rest directly below the mounting knots. Make sure they are tight.

Each SK should have two working cords and two fillers.


Form a Circle  

Step 3: Arrange the top of the Gemstone pouch so it forms a circle, by bringing the two ends of the holding cord together.

Secure the design in two areas, so the circle remains in place while you work.



Design Tip: Notice how I organized the cords into five groups in the image above. If you do this in each step, it helps you visualize where the knots are placed.

Also, place the Gemstone pouch in the center of your project board. This way you can move the entire board as you tie the knots in a circle.


Second Row of ASK  

Step 4: Tie the second row of Alternating Square knots, so they rest 1/4-inch below the first row.

Move in a circle, using all the cords in groups of four.


Third Row of ASK  

Step 5: Alternate the cords and tie the next row of ASK, 1/4-inch below the second row.

As you do so, the pouch will begin to form, and the edges will curve upward naturally.


Fourth Row  

Step 6: Tie the fourth row of knots, but place them next to the knots in the third row (no space). This will tighten the bottom of the pouch.

Place the Gemstone Pouch on your work surface upside down, so you have access to the bottom.



Step 7: Divide the cords into two sets of 10. Use one cord from each set to tie a tight Overhand knot.  Add glue and tie a second knots on top of the first.

Repeat this process with the other cords, until the bottom is closed.



Finishing Touches

Fold Cord for Wrapped Knot   Step 8: Tie an Overhand knot at one end of the 18-inch cord.

Secure the knotted end next to the pouch, and fold it so the long portion (working end) is on the outside.
Wrap Towards Fold  

Step 9: Use the long portion to wrap around all the cords, including the secured portion with the knot in it.

Wrap firmly several times, moving towards the folded area.


Pass End Thru Loop   Step 10: Wrap for 1-inch and then pass the working end through the loop (folded area).

Pull End With Knot  

Step 11: Pull on the end with the knot in it, until the loop and the working end move inside the wrapped portion.

Trim off any extra material, close to the top and bottom edges of the Wrapped knot (18-inch cord only).


Step 11, continued:  Trim the ends of the pouch cords to form a fringe.

You can add beads followed by finishing knots if you wish to decorate the ends.

Open   To open the Gemstone Pouch, spread out the Larks Head knots at the top. By using waxed material, they should move easily.

Closed   To close the pouch, pull on the holding cord so the Larks Head knots are close together.

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