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Triangle Knot

Triangle Knot


Description: The Triangle Knot is a vintage Macrame knot that is rarely used anymore. I found it in a book written in 1899, but not in any books after that time.

You can use this interesting decorative knot in an Alternating Pattern, to create a net-like panel.  It can also be used to make a sennit, as well as a unique type of mount. 

These variations are shown below the basic instructions.

Triangle Knot Bracelet

The Triangle Knot Bracelet is a good project to help you expand your skills after you have mastered tying this knot.

Click on the image or link to view the page.

Basic Instructions


Step 1: To practice, fold one 18-inch cord in half and secure it to your board vertically.   When the knot is tightened, there will be a loop at the top.

You can make the Triangle Knot with two cords, if you don't need the loop.

Designer's Tip:  Create the knot the first time with the cords on a project board, so you can use pins.  Then practice tying it in hand without the pins. 



Pull the left half of the cord under the right half, forming a bight.

Arrange the left half horizontally, and secure it to your board.

Make sure there is a SMALL space between the bight and the center of the cord.



Step 2:  Bring the right half of the cord under both parts of the bight, heading backward towards the center of the cord.

Pull it out so it temporarily rests over the secured area a the center of the cord.


Designer's Tip:  Step 2 was changed because it's easier to make the knot as described above, especially if you tie it in hand.

Work with the material so that it folds around the bight without twisting.

  Step 3: Bring the right half of the cord through the bight diagonally, passing over - under the two parts near the curve.

Make sure nothing is twisted, so the knot is neat.

  Step 4: Pull on the right half of the cord to tighten the vertical loop.

Pull on the left half to tighten the bight.

As you tighten, reduce the size of the folded area if you need a loop.

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Mounting Technique

Triangle Mount

You can create a very unique mounting technique by simply attaching the knot to a holding cord.


Step 1: Tie at least three Triangle Knots, following steps 1 - 4 from the basic instructions.

When you tighten them, remove most of the slack above the knot, so you have only a small loop (less than 1/2-inch in size).

This is called a "picot", which gives character to the upper edge of items like wall hangings and curtain designs.

Secure them vertically to your board resting side-by-side.


Holding Cord

Place a holding cord on top of the working cords, arranged horizontally.  The knots should rest against the holding cord.

Secure it to your board, stretching it so it has tension.



Step 2: Attach each working cord to the holding cord with a Double Half Hitch.

Work left to right, tying the knots counter-clockwise.

This image shows a single Half Hitch.  Make sure you tie two with each half of the cords.

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Triangle Sennit

Sennit Design

You can tie several Triangle Knots to form a sennit. 

When practicing, you should use two cords, each at least 18 inches long. 

In a Macrame project, you can use a folded 36-inch cord if you need a loop at the top.

Same Process

Repeat steps 1 - 4 of the basic instructions, to tie the first knot.

When the second knot is tied, the space you pull the cord through in step 2 is the area between the two knots.



When tightening the knots, make sure they are close together.

After all the knots are tied, stretch the sennit so the knots separate slightly.  Adding a little space will make the knots more visible.


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Alternating Pattern

Alternating Pattern

One of the best ways to use the Triangle Knot is to form an alternating pattern, similar to how you use Alternating Square Knots.

This is an easy way to make a net-like structure that's stable and strong.  You could make a Hammock with this technique, as long as you use the right material, like the Paracord shown in the example.

To practice, you need 4 cords folded in half (or 8 separate cords).  Make sure they are at least 36 inches long, so you can tie several rows.


Row 1

Step 1: Mentally number the cords 1 - 8, starting on the left.

Tie four Triangle Knots using cords 1 - 2, 3 - 4, 5 - 6, and 7 - 8.

Make sure they all line up in a horizontal row.

Row 2

Step 2: Start the second row by using cords 2 and 3 to make the first triangle knot.

Tie the remaining knots with cords 4 - 5, and 6 - 7.


Rows 3 - 5

Step 3: Repeat steps 1 and 2 at least one more time, to make more rows.


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