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Triangle Knot Bracelet

Triangle Bracelet

Description:  The Triangle Knot Bracelet is a Micro-Macrame design featuring the vintage Triangle knot.  

In the center is a Triangle knot made with doubled cords.  You can tie other types of knots in that area, or add a bead.  The closure is a simple bead clasp.  

I recommend you practice tying this decorative knot (both directions), before creating this Macrame bracelet.

Two shades of Satin cord material was used in the example shown.  When using this type of material, be sure not to pass pins through it.  LEAN the pins over the cords or use tape.  

Supplies Needed:
  • 2mm Cord material in 2 colors
  • One bead for clasp -- hole size 5mm - 6mm
  • Project board, pins, tape
  • Fabric glue that dries clear
Knots Used:

Cut two cords of each color, at least 9 times the finished size of the Triangle Knot Bracelet.  So for a 7-inch bracelet, the cords need to be at least 63 inches.

Prepare the ends to prevent unraveling.

Secure the cords vertically on your board.  Apply a piece of tape so the center of the cords is at the top edge

Arrange them  1 Color B --  2 Color A  --  1 Color B.


One cord of each color will be used to tie the first two  knots. 

Push aside the two cords on the left, so you use only the two on the right for this knot. 

Make a Bight

Step 1:  Make a bight with the color A cord, pushing it to the right. Secure it by leaning the pin over the folded area.

Position the color B cord so it passes over the bight.

Clockwise Loop

Step 2:  Rotate the color B cord clockwise, and pass it under the horizontal portion of the color A cord. 

Bring it to the area above the bight, just below the tape. Pass it under - over the two cords, heading right.

End Through Bight

Step 3:  Pass the end of the color B cord through the bight, over - under the two segments.

Position Next to Tape

Step 4:  As you tighten the first Triangle knot, slide it up so it's positioned at the lower edge of the tape.

Tighten it firmly, especially if you are using Satin. 


Step 5:  The Triangle Knot Bracelet requires you to tie the knots in both directions.  So now it's time to make the knot on the left, using the two cords you pushed aside earlier.

Use the color A cord to make a bight, pulling it to the left.  The color B cord should pass over it vertically.

Path of Second Cord

Step 6:  Rotate color B counter-clockwise, as you bring it under the horizontal portion of color A, then to the area above the bight.

Pass through the two cords under - over.  Bring the end down to the bight, passing through over - under.

Tighten the knot so it rests across from the first one.

Alternate Cords

Step 7:  Alternate the cords, by using only the two color A cords in the center of the group.

Repeat steps 1 - 3 to tie the next Triangle Knot. When you tighten it, there should be a small amount of space between it and the knots above.


Step 8:  Repeat steps 1 - 3 and 5 - 7 several times, until the Triangle Knot Bracelet is HALF the finished size you need, minus 1-inch.

You still have one knot to tie.

Important: Make sure you end on step 6, so there are two knots in the last row.

Doubled Knot

Step 9: Use two cords together on the left and the right to make the final Triangle knot in the first half of the bracelet.

Repeat steps 1 - 3, tying the knot just like all the others, but use all four cords. 


Measure the bracelet design from the first to the last knot.  It should be 1/2 the size you want the bracelet to be when it's finished.

So if you are making a 7-inch bracelet, the first half should be 3.5 inches.  You can temporarily untie the doubled knot to add or subtract knots.

Turn Bracelet Around

Step 10:  Turn the Triangle Knot Bracelet around, so you are working from the center to the opposite end.

Repeat step 9 to make another double Triangle knot.  Place it at the center, where the top of the tape was resting.  There should be 1/4-inch of space above and below it.

Step 11:   Repeat steps 1 - 3 and 5 - 9 to make the second half of the bracelet.   It should be the same size as the first half. 

Make sure you end with the doubled knot. 

Step 12:  Move the color B cords to the back of the bracelet (inside surface).

Apply glue to adhere them to the back of the knots, for about 1/2 inch.  Trim as needed.

Ends Through Bead

Pass the ends of the color A cords through the bead in opposite directions.  

So two go in left to right, and the others right to left.

Barrel Knot

Step 13:  Close the Triangle Knot Bracelet by pulling on the ends. 

Tie a loose Barrel Knot approximately 1-inch away from the bead, using 2 ends working together (each side). 


Try the bracelet on to verify you can get your hand through when it's spread open completely.  Move the knots as needed.

When the knots are in the proper position, apply glue on the inside and then tighten them firmly. Cut off the excess material. 

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Have any comments about the Triangle Knot Bracelet? Contact Me.

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