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Tree Decoration

Tree Decoration


Description:  This unique Tree Decoration features the Wrapped Knot, which is an important basic knot used in many Macrame Patterns. 

This interesting wall hanging can be designed to have as many branches as you wish.  They can be placed anywhere within the large ring. 

A smaller ring at the top is used to hang this Macrame design on your wall. 

By adding dried or artificial flowers, butterflies, or birds, you can produce your own work of art.

The finished size of the Tree Decoration is approximately 30 inches tall, which includes the fringe at the bottom.

To make it larger, simply use a larger ring, and cut additional cords.

For rings over 20 inches, use 6mm size cord for the core of the branches, and 4mm cord for the Wrapped Knots.

For rings under 15 inches, use 2mm - 3mm size cord material.



Supplies Needed:

  • 3mm - 4mm Hemp or Jute Cord (140 yards)
  • One 2-inch ring
  • One 15-inch ring
  • Craft Wire
  • Measuring Tape

Knots Used: 



Ring Preparation


Attach the 2-inch ring to the large ring with the wire.  It should be upright, and placed at the top so it's balanced.

Put it up on your wall to make sure the large ring hangs correctly, before moving on.

Cut one piece of material, 5 yards long. 

Place it on the large ring, around the area where the two rings are joined at the top.  Match the ends to center the cord.

Using each end heading in opposite directions, wrap firmly to cover the entire large ring. 

When you get to the bottom, tie an Overhand knot with the two ends, to hold the cord in place.  The rest of the material is used for the fringe.


Mounting Process

For the core of each branch in the Tree Decoration:
  • Cut 45 cords each 60 inches long.  

For the Wrapped Knots that surround the core:
  • Cut 24 cords, each 2 yards long. 
  • Cut 4 cords, each 3 yards long.

Step 1:  Mount the 60-inch cords to the top area of the large ring, using reverse Larks Head Knots. 

They are folded in half, so you will have 90 cords to use for the branches.

First Set of Branches


Step 2:  Divide the cords attached to the ring into three groups, each containing 30 cords.  

Make sure the cords in each group don't all come from the same area. 

You can see this in the image below, which shows Group A dangling downward.

Label the groups A, B, and C. 

Bundle up groups B and C, and move them out of the way.  You will use only one group at a time as you construct your Tree Decoration.


Divide Group A into Bundles  

Step 3: Separate the 30 cords from Group A
into six smaller bundles, each containing 5 cords.


Wrap Firmly  

Use a 2-yard cord to make an 8-inch Wrapped Knot around one group of 5 cords. 

Important: When making Wrapped Knots, the folded portion of the 2-yard should be heading downward.

Wrap firmly and evenly, heading down towards the folded area. 

Do not cut off the extra material after you tighten the knot. 



Use another 2-yard cord to make an 8-inch Wrapped knot around the bundle closest to the one you just worked on

Repeat this process one more time, making a third branch.

Design Tip: Don't make the branches completely straight. Bend them somewhat as you make the Wrapped Knots, so they look more natural.

Step 4: Bring all three branches together. Use another 2-yard cord to make a 3-inch Wrapped Knot around ALL the cords (including what's left of the 2-yard cords).

Step 5: Repeat steps 3 and 4, making the next three branches.

You can make them different sizes. Just make sure they are long enough to join the other three in the next step.

Connect the Branches  

Step 6: Bring all 6 branches together, arranging them so they curve attractively.

Make a Wrapped Knot around ALL of them, using a 3-yard cord.  This knot will be thicker, and needs to reach the bottom of the ring.



Step 7:  Attach 2 of the cords inside the bundle (core) to the bottom of the large ring, using Double Half HitchesPull the cords firmly as you tighten.

Divide the remaining cords into two groups. One group should go in front of the ring, and the others behind it.


Second Set of Branches

Make Second Set of Branches  

Step 8:  Repeat steps 3 - 7, using Group B.

Use your own unique arrangement for the branches of your Tree Decoration.

Intertwine them with the others, so they look more natural.


Third Set of Branches

Make Third Set of Branches   Step 9:  Repeat steps 3 - 7 with Group C.

Once again, overlap the branches to create a natural appearance.

Finishing Touches

Two Wrapped Knots at Bottom   Step 10:  Bring all three groups together, at the bottom of the ring.

Use a 3-yard cord to make one 3-inch Wrapped knot, right where the three sets of branches meet at the ring. Wrap around the ring at least once.

Step 11:  To make the fringe for your Tree Decoration, unravel each of the cords, to form a wavy design.

Another option is to finish them off with beads.  Start by trimming the tips, so they are even.  Apply beads, followed by Barrel knots. 

Step 12:  Attach artificial or dried flowers, butterflies or other items among the branches of your Tree Decoration.  Hang it on your wall from the small ring at the top.


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